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The Forsakens tie to the Dark One after death...

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So what do you all think happens to the likes of Lanfear,Demandred, and Moridin after their deaths and the Dark Ones prison being sealed?   We know that he was able to resurrect the Forsaken who were killed during the series and that they were marked/tied to him.  Now that the Bore is resealed, is he still able to do that?  And if not, are the Forsaken still marked/ tied to the Dark One when they get spun back into the Pattern?  


Also, what happens to the mind traps now that Moridin is toast?


Lastly, Im almost finished with my reread of AMOL. I dont remember if the Aes Sedai ever realized that the Oath Rod is responsible for the ageless faces and that is cuts their lifespan dramatically shorter.

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At the end Moghi has her own mindtrap, Moridin only had Lanfears.  


No the DO is fully sealed away, he no longer can touch the world for now.  Their souls will get spun out normally and might never play an important role.  Since RJ said only a select few souls are spun out for intended purposes over and over like Ishy and LTT.  Next time most the forsaken and champions of the light will be new people.  But now the ages will pass until the DO is forgotten about entirely.  He has no ability to put souls in bodies etc. until the next time they drill a hole in his prison.

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