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Approved Tar Valon WT Bio for Kisathera Nilyron - No CC Required/RCL Approved


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DM Handle: Arie
Character Name: Kisathera Nilyron
Returning Character: No
Total PSW Character Count: 6

RP Section: Tar Valon
RP Group: White Tower
Character Rank: Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Age: 59
Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Tarabon
Physical Description: Keeping with some traditions of her homeland, she wears her dusty blonde hair in braids of mixed sizes, either pulled back or loose falling just past her shoulder blades. She has large brown eyes, a soft innocent face, and is still too young to show the agelessness of an Aes Sedai.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Despite her time and training in the White Tower, Kisa is preciously naive. Because of her work, she trained under an older Yellow while aiding the Warder Yard victims of training. She has reached the stage where she is strong enough to channel at her full strength, but even still her life is quite sheltered and the Yellows find it both frustrating and endearing. 

Character History


Before Novicehood: 
Coming from a small family of little importance, her value was always weighted in her ability to remain humble, quiet, and unheard. Though having three older brothers, her mother was very strict in keeping with the cultural traditions, veils, and only the simplest of abilities outside of managing a household. While she learned to instruct a household manager, for the most part, her task was to simply listen. Her gift was taking a quick talent in Embroidery. Weaving colorful threads into tapestries. It became her way of speaking when she could not otherwise be heard. From the age of 14 to 16, her work made a fair coin in the markets. Though the money was not necessary for survival, it did help supplement supplies for her work and schooling.
Rising in the Ranks: 
Kisa genuinely struggled the first few years in the novice Whites. Because women in the Tower did not wear the veils, did not have tight braids (that she could not do herself), there was a lot of shame in her heart. Depression and sadness in feeling that her entire life of identity was gone and this new direction in the Tower was nothing she ever imagined. Her mentor, a Brown, encouraged her to continue embroidering to help her heal through the transition, and as time passed she started to accept that while parts of her old life were gone, she had a much larger life ahead of her.
Three Arches:
Kisathera was 30 when she entered the Arches. 14 years as a Novice. She faced her Shame, Her Worth, and the Value she could be.
Testing her Mental:
Acceptedhood passed much faster for her. 14 years was a lot of years to study as a Novice, where instead of her intelligence holding her back, it was her confidence. Her work in Embroidery caught the eyes of the Yellow's and she was informally conditioned to try her hand at healing, herself having such a sympathetic and gentle heart. Red, Blue, and Green showed no interest in her, though her fighter spirit was quiet, she didn't have the temperament. Her mentor in Brown had helped in the first few years but disappeared into the stacks of her Library after she felt her work was done. For 4 years she was courted by White, Yellow and Gray. But her talents with thread translated far too naturally for her to deny that she was anything but a Yellow.
Aes Sedai-hood: 
For most of her Aes Sedai years, it was about integral training, reading, observation, and practice. Though she was aware of the events that happened in the Tower, the various succession and people to know, for the most part, eluded her. Instead, she patched up every trainee, guard, and Gaidin that passed through the infirmary, learning their names and listening to their shenanigans. After a while, even she started to show opinion on some of their techniques and games. For a long time she kept them to herself, but one day. It was like she finally found her rebellious side. Something usually worked out in the Novice years, but as most in the Tower know, with the amount of time they live, rebellion can come at any age. No matter how small.
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