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NSW Wolfkin Bio for Barin Aydaer (Perrin)


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From the end of this bio, Barin's history matches Jarron's. He's largely remained at his friend's side, helping as required, with a brief side excursion to help rebuild the Two Rivers following a major trolloc attack. We have no Faile equivalent in our RP world. Barin has not had contact with our Wolfkin and they in turn remain unaware of him. The Wolfkin are run by a Council, so there's not really any place for this character to take centre stage. It was agreed in 2018 that he would be sidelined other than as a reference point when Calder and Jarron are RP'd. Barin, along with Calder, is not Ta'veren in the PSW.


Character Name: Barin Aydaer

RP Group: Wolfkin

Bio Type: NSW Main Character

Wolf Name: Fierce Claw

Place of Birth/Raising: Emonds Field, Andor

Gender: Male

Age: 20


Physical Description:


Barin is stocky with thick arms and broad shoulders as one would expect of a blacksmith. He has a mess of shaggy brown hair which has a tendency to curl and sits at just shoulder length. His eyes were dark brown, but turned golden when he discovered his abilities as a Wolfbrother. He stands about 6ft and weighs roughly 240 pounds. There isn't an ounce of fat on him, his bulk is pure muscle. His hands are work callused and his arms bear myriad tiny scars from the flying sparks of the forge.




Barin had always been cautious and thoughtful, not one for rushing in where fools were keen to tread. Some people called it slow but they were wrong. Deliberate would have been more accurate. He liked to consider all of the angles, all of the pros and the cons of a situation before reaching a decision. Initially inexperienced, Barin has grown into his skills as a warrior and, despite his personal doubts, a leader. He is often quiet, taking time to think things over and process them before vouchsafing any opinion. He does not tolerate the games or duplicity of others. Ironically, nobles and military leaders alike, used to playing political games, tend to assume that Barin's honesty and bluntness is a mask for his true thoughts and actions.


Barin has always been the steady one of the three boys; not that the trait prevented him getting into just as much trouble as Jarron and Calder, usually whilst trying to haul that pair out of a mess. He wasn't the adventurous one. He was content in Emond's Field, thinking his future clearly mapped out.


As a child, he'd been even tempered and slow to anger; traits he retained as he grew older. His open expression, gentle nature and willingness to help were endearing to everyone. He was a person who could be relied upon.


He has always felt awkward around women, unlike his two friends who knew what to say to make a woman smile. Barin tends to blush and tie his words into an incoherent mess, feeling ungainly and overly aware of his imposing size. He'd had a little romance with Margie Biling back home but they'd eventually given up from too much teasing and otherwise, he'd never had any success in that department.


Like Jarron and Calder, Barin will avoid hurting women when he can and is very protective of all those he considers to be under his care, taking a great deal of responsibility onto his own shoulders, warranted or not.



Character History


A wave of homesickness settled on Barin as he thought of his two childhood friends. So much had changed in recent months and not for the better. His eyes slid downward to glare at the half moon blade of the rather vicious looking axe resting at his hip. That was one of the worst changes. His own happiness lay in a blacksmith's forge with a hammer to hand, like the one he'd been apprenticed in at home with Master Farrell. Ironic that the Blacksmith was also the maker of the axe. That was the only future, the only dream, he'd ever wanted or needed but it was one he seemed destined not to have. Who would do business with a golden-eyed man?


Barin had been thinking on his axe the day he learned his other name; thinking about how easily it slid into human flesh and how blood rushed forth at its bite like the waters of the Winespring. The thoughts and images that had come to him then had not been his own but external, bestowing him with a new name. A name the wolves gave him and knew him by, this two-legs who could talk to them. An ancient thing come again.


There had been another golden-eyed man once... stumbled across whilst he and Calder travelled with a party of Shienarans, all of them on their way to Cairhien where they had found Qulias and Jarron once more. The man had explained to him about being a wolfbrother. Explained some of it at least. There were others like them, Wolfkin, living in a Stedding somewhere. The man refused to say where and did not offer even his own name, but he did elaborate a little about being able to speak to the wolves and about the increasing enhancement of Barin's senses. His sight, smell and hearing were becoming that of a wolf it seemed.


The stranger had then gone on to talk of the dangers of those real life dreams Barin had been having. "Walking the Wolf Dream" was how he'd worded it and what happened in that place could manifest itself in the waking world - even with death. Barin knew more of the truth of that now than he liked. His dreams were plagued with harsh images of pain and suffering - every picture seeming so real as to cause him pain when he woke. He had been in dreams where he knew he was dreaming. These dark dreams were nothing like those. Why did these things happen to him? Barin had become involved with the characters of stories. Aes Sedai, trollocs, myrdraal, draghkar, Forsaken...worse. Why did fate have to spin him in such a way that he had to throw away everything he wanted in life?


It would have been nice to meet more people with his particular ability, to not feel so outcast and strange amongst his fellow men but the man had believed there was a reason why Barin had not been discovered by the Wolfkin's Trackers. Wolves could keep secrets too and they would not tell the Wolfkin about him.


"They will find you in their own time," he had said quietly. "You have a more important part to play in the events unfolding on the world and the wolves are aware of it."


Certainly other strange things had happened. Barin's eyes glowed as he immersed himself in yet more memories.


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