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Conor's Progress - Defender - WS 12 > 13 > 14


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Since my previous thread is on a deleted account. I'll share archived threads for training once I have them available. I'm aging him specifically to fit in the Defender so he can still train and be trained...




WS 6-7 Road Rules - COMPLETE


Posts: 15+ / 12

- After Fior leaves the Yard Conor searches out his mentor Cairma. After a few discussions, Cairma gives him a task (To locate Fior and bring him to the Green Advocate). To which during this time, anouther Aes Sedai gives him a task. He will fail to achieve the task given to him by Cairma. He also comes across the lovely Aramina Sedai and becomes a little more wayward..




WS 7-8 A Road of Their Own - Emailed - COMPLETE


Path & Discipline Choice. 200 Words. ?


*****The Above is the 'old' system. Anything that follows is on the new system.*****


Tower Guard


8-9 – Tower Guard Ceremony - COMPLETE



9-10 – In the Town

(By-passed in Transfer)




11-12 – (By-passed in Transfer)

12-13 – 

13-14 – 

14-15 – Blademaster Ceremony




15-16 – 

16-17 – 3

17-18 – Grand master spar


Grand Master


18-19 – Staff approval

19-20 – Staff approval

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Weapons Score 12 -13 - 15+ posts total and ongoing.

To Drink the Stench Away Choice RP - Re-introduction to writing and new characters. Conor meets up with Liitha in a bar and is later charmed by Cy in an effort to drink more.

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