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Familiarizing One's Self [open]


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The Stone of Tear was impressive, and when Nox opened a gate to the Black Tower Embassy outside the Citadel he was mildly impressed by the stature of the structures beyond the gate yard.  But it was the mountains that took his breath away.  It was a distinct difference from the sea of Tear.  It nearly took his breath away with each breath.  Thinner air he reminded himself.  Another thing to familiarize himself with.


The power churned around him as he let the gateway close around those he'd brought with him.  Among his assignments now, he was to shuttle people back and forth from Tear to the Citadel, and make himself useful for the Band of the Red Hand.  He held the power a little longer while he thought about the slick oil like feeling that was now gone.  It had been an ever present companion when he'd learned, now it felt strange.  Familiarizing himself was important.  


Nox didn't want to show others his weakness as he looked beyond.  He couldn't stay here - not yet.  Maybe one day but now he needed his bed in Tear.  Comfort.  Home.  Not that anywhere had ever been home more than the Farm.  Becoming an Asha'man had only been an accomplishment that meant he could move freely.  But he rarely did.  Comfort and routine were his best friend.  


Nox looked around and saw no familiar faces as he let the power go.  It felt drab without it.  He wanted to hold it longer, keep it close, but the temptation was too great.  He knew this.  And the longer he had held before it was cleansed the more insane you got.  Nox gave a wry smile - he wondered how others would consider him.  Dressed in the full black regalia of the Tower Nox moved towards the single gate of the Cidtadel proper to have himself a good look around.  Something he'd do every day until it became second nature.

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