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Approved Warder Bio for Corvhin Raikhan - CC'd by CotL


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N.B. This bio was actually submitted and approved by both myself, and then properly by Lor as the Warder RGL at the time, way back in May/June of 2015. It's a hybrid Warder/BT char. Can we get it CC'd on the off chance the player ever wants to use it? Thanks.



Character Name: Corvhin Raikhan 

DM HandleCorvhin Raikhan

Age: 21

Place of Origin: Caemlyn, Andor


WS: 5




Character History:


Born in Caemlyn, Corvhin's father was a blacksmith and his mother an innkeeper. Both died when he was a child. They lived at the inn but one night bandits came and set fire to the inn. The City Guard arrived just as his parents were rousing everyone from their sleep. As Corvhin got out of the inn, his parents went back to see if anyone else was left and a heavy beam fell, crushing them and killing them instantly.  


A guardsman took him in, and raised him as his own child. Thom al'Darin was originally from Whitebridge, then he left to join the Andoran Army, and now serves as a Lieutenant in the Queen's Guard. When Thom was away, his sister Alise watched over Corvhin. As Corvhin got older, he wanted to follow in Thom's footsteps and join the Andoran Army.


Corvhin is young but agile and a quick learner; even quicker on his feet. Within a year, he started rising through the ranks of the army going from recruit, to soldier, to bannerman, to Under Lieutenant.  He was very capable with a quarterstaff, participating in competitions growing up, and could handle a sword very well from his training in the Queen's Guard though he was no expert and still had a lot to learn.


One day the Queen's Guard was called to stop bandits from raiding some merchant wagons. Corvhin was ordered to take the lead on the expedition. Upon arriving they found the merchant guards fighting hard against the marauding bandits, but taking heavy losses. Corvhin sounded the advance and the Guards charged to help the merchants, but the bandits decided to do the unexpected and charged back in their turn at the Queen's Guard. Corvhin was in striking distance of the nearest bandit and he went for the attack. But before the sword even connected with the bandit, it shot out a flame and engulfing the enemy completely.  Terrified by what just happened, and in total disbelief, he managed to keep his composure until the bandits were all defeated or arrested. The merchant wagons were escorted to Caemlyn safely and when Corvhin got home he was congratulated by his father who said he would make a fine Captain-General one day.  Still more than a bit shaken up and rattled from his experience with his sword, he began to worry that maybe his sword was cursed. He'd heard tales from the other Guardsmen about cursed weapons but always attributed them to mere travellers' tales.


He also thought of the worst possible idea that frightened him more than death. He'd heard about men who could channel and the madness that ensued. Although, he'd also heard that the source of that ability had somehow been Cleansed. But he was still frightened. A man who could channel was still something to be feared. He was not sure how to tell Thom. The man had been a father to him since he was a small child, and he didn't want to lose him in that regard. He decided he would not say anything further until he was certain that channeling was really the case and then he could think of a way to bring it up with Thom.


Later that night, Corvhin and Thom were eating dinner, Thom congratulating him once more on such a decisive victory. They sat and smoked their pipes for a while, sharing a bit of small talk, before heading to bed and preparing for the early rise the next day. Corvhin started to put thoughts of chanelling out of his mind but then, as he undressed down to his small clothes, he reached to snuff out the candle in his room and before he could do so it went out of its own accord.  He noticed something else that was odd. After it happened, the light seemed much brighter than normal. He could sense things differently, almost as if he could see even the grain in the wooden table. He was extremely concerned. He knew what was happening now.  


He decided he would inform Thom that he would not be reporting for duty in the morning as he wasn't feeling very well. As the sun rose, he informed Thom as intended and though Thom seemed a bit skeptical, in the end he chalked it up to Corvhin being exhausted from the excitement of the day before. Corvhin decided he didn't want to endanger anyone else and would leave Andor to seek help. He heard that the White Tower used to gentle men who could channel. Perhaps they would be willing to help. He had just finished packing the last of his belongings when Thom walked back in having forgotten to take a few bites to eat for his midday meal. Corvhin still had his bags in his hands and Thom asked what was going on.


Corvhin, having never lied to Thom at all before that morning, felt an enormous amount of guilt and could not hold all the worry in any longer. He told Thom everything, from his first suspicion to what happened last night to why he must leave and go to the White Tower.  Thom was deeply shocked, sitting down abruptly to catch his breath.  Finally, he instructed Corvhin to sit down too saying, "Have a seat son." He usually reserved that tone for when Corvhin had done something to disappoint him.


Thom told Corvhin about his brother whose life had been destroyed after being gentled by Aes Sedai. He did not want that to happen to Corvhin. He looked at Corvhin for a long moment and told him, "From what I know of events, the Taint is cured and you'll not go mad. But a man who can channel, despite this knowledge, is still feared. I do hear that there is a gathering of men who have been reported to have the ability to channel. Perhaps they can help you to control this." Looking at his son, Thom continued, "Corvhin, do not fear. I am here for you whatever you decide. I will take a leave of absence and travel with you should you decide to go. You are never alone in this world."  


Thankful that Thom was being so supportive and relieved that he was not about to be disowned by the man he viewed as his father, Corvhin agreed to travel to the place where men learn to channel. There was no other logical alternative (hearing his father's story about his brother was enlightening as it was something that Thom had never spoken of before. Who could blame Thom with it being such a hard experience? Corvhin felt honored to have the story shared with him.). After packing and having a meal, they made ready for their long trip. Corvhin asked all sorts of questions about this group of men, the White Tower and anything else that peaked his curiosity. Thom shared stories of how Aes Sedai bond the warriors they call Warders, how those Warders protect them, and in return have increased abilities such as stamina, and do not require rest or healing as much as ordinary men. Told of their prowess in battle, Corvhin was impressed and intrigued.


Thom seemed to respect the Warders more than the Aes Sedai they were bound to. As Thom shared his knowledge, Corvhin could not help thinking that maybe after he learned to control his channeling he might decide to become a Warder; to learn to have their skill in battle. He daydreamed about how achieving such a goal would make his father proud.  As if reading Corvhin's mind, Thom said, "My dear boy, as quick a learner as you are with weapons and battle, you would make a fine Warder."


With that Corvhin smiled proudly and they continued their journey, heading into what Corvhin considered to be the biggest adventure since joining the Queen's Guards.  They arrived at the place where they expected to meet the gathering of male channelers but found nothing except a desolate field. Thom looked carefully at Corvhin and said, "Son, I have an alternative idea. If you can manage to hide your "ability", you could begin your training with the Tower Guards, and while in the White Tower you could learn the tactics and skills you need to survive until you can locate this fabled Black Tower."  


Corvhin and Thom discussed this proposition at length and, seeing no other options available, Corvhin decided Thom's idea was the most sensible choice.  They made camp close to the treeline beside the open field and agreed they would set off for Tar Valon before dawn. The decision was made. Corvhin's path was set. 

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