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The Roof of Shae'en M'taal


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Madoc stood in across the street from the Roof of Shae'en M'taal , the place where he’d spend many nights following the next few trials. His intitation was almost complete, but also just beginning in many ways, for from here on out he was pledged to the Stone Dogs and no other path lay open to him. He carried with him no weapons, no shield, not even a belt knife, all he brought were the clothes on his back and the training in his body and mind. As he approached the two guarding the door lazily became acutely aware and moved to block his path. One whom he recognized asked, “What do you want here boy?”


Madoc glared down at the smaller, but older, man, “I am here to request free access to that which belongs to all the Shae'en M'taal , a place under their roof, and to share water, shade, battle and brotherhood.”

The man who had challenged him shook his head, “No one may enter who has not faced the challenge.”

“Then  name it, for I intend to enter.”

“Make your way to the courtyard beyond, conscious, and without retreating or surrendering and you may have what you ask. Otherwise you shall be adjudged to have failed and be cast out.”


Madoc steeled himself, he could see that both men had also tensed waiting for the first action to come. He couldn’t retreat, he couldn’t retreat, the only way to go was forward… or sideways… and so he took a feint forward, forcing both men to set themselves and with a swift kick to the head of one, sending that man into the one whom had spoken, Madoc then dove through the open window nearby, tackling a third Stone Dog in the process. He rolled, coming up to his knees with his hand open ready to strike the man he’d tackled with the heel of his hand, but it was unnecessary as he was already unconscious. Swiftly Madoc rose and dashed into the hallway, but it was already filling with other men, who insisted on bludgeoning him as he fought back and pushed his way deeper into the building. He fought hard, he fought long, but even his size and strength gave way under numbers. The last thing he remembered was glimpsing the courtyard, still several yards out of reach, before he succumbed to the darkness of unconsciousness. 



Later that evening Madoc awoke, his head hurt, his body ached, there was none o fhim that was not hurting in some manner from the beating he’d taken inside the Stone Dogs roof.  Next to him sat the older man who’d initially blocked his way. “Good, you’re not too badly damaged.” Madoc managed to roll onto his back and stretch out, willing muscles to extend that truly just wanted him to curl up and go back to sleep. “I feel as if the oosquai flowed like the sand blow across the dunes.” That earned Madoc a chuckle from the older man, “You, obviously, did not succeed in breaching the roof. However, no one does, it is a fool’s errand, but one that is needed to test.” He paused to sip from a cup, “Next you will go on a raid, and your only task is to return with one gai’shan for the society, nothing more and nothing less will be acceptable to us. “


Madoc opened his eyes to look at the man, “A test you are expected to fail, followed by another to further prove one’s self again?” He considered for a moment refusing, but the Shae'en M'taal  were where he belonged, and he would do what is necessary to make that happen. No matter he grew tired of being tested, and retested, and so on.





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