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What was the biggest movie/book/whatever surprise you ever came across?


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Answers in spoiler tags ([ spoiler]text[/ spoiler]) for those who don't know them and don't want to get spoiled, of course.


Mine was probably the first part of Terminator 2: Judgement Day:


In the first movie, the Terminator (played by the very recognizable Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a nigh-unkillable disguised-as-human machine sent back in time to kill the protagonists, with a normal man being sent back in time too, to stop him. The second movie starts - again - with two people being sent back in time, the Terminator and a man. After quite a bit of action, then comes the huge surprise that the Terminator is this time reprogrammed to be a good guy, while the man is a newer version of the Terminator, out for the protagonists and even harder to stop. Seriously, I have never had such an awesome surprise. I was just thinking "what just happened" when it became clear who was the good guy and who was the bad guy.


(also thanks to the people watching with me for keeping their mouth shut about it)

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First Law trilogy last book


First two books were good. Good fantasy but nothing greatly remarkable. The third book though...That was brilliant. It started introducing questions on things that we had considered facts. It started to cast doubts on characters. And it ended with many open threads because it showed how everyone had been manipulated into fighting a war just because of rivalry between two men. In the end, it took time to reconcile with that there was no happy end and no good side.




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