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ATC: McWheel of Time, Chosen Style!

Guest Balthamel


I understand that, even as Chosen, you can't do everything and so you're at the mercy of incompetent underlings. That, of course, being the reason why all of you are getting wooped. So then, wouldn't it be a good thing for other talented authors to have the chance to tell your stories? Take a look at RJ's 'Conan Books'. Certainly not the original author but very worth the reading all the same. Of course the victors write the histories but I thought you......oh so mighty(giggles with barely contained hilarity) Chosen would see the value of others creativity in showing the "truth" of your awesome exploits(in sleeping for thousands of years).


Your faithful servant,

(who probably won't wake after this)

Millon Daine

Dear Hearing Impaired


We're not getting wooped, we're making woopie. Except for Lanfear, the poor daahling, since Lewsie Wewsie is too busy with his new (much younger) girlies.


As for your rather rambling and incoherent question: why would we want someone else to tell our tale? People now believe we slept for thousands of years and that we're ... shall we say, less successful than we actually are. *smirks*





Standing right behind you and giggling softly

Dear Millon,


I refuse to answer on the grounds that you're an insufferable twit who doesn't even have the three brain cells it would take to realize that taunting the Chosen in parenthesis will still constitute death in the sweetest way Semi can imagine.



Dear Millon,


You'll not get a rise out of me with these flagrant accusations of us getting whooped! We NEVER get whooped! We are lulling our opponent into a false sense of security so that his inevitable downfall will be that much sweeter.


And NO ONE has EVER whooped me!






The Great Lord help you if ANY one of you opens your mouths!


*Prepares the weaves for Balefire as he eyes his fellow Chosen..!*



Aaah Tear. Fond memories. So fond. *Smirks at Belly.*


Messy darling, I still disagree with you on that point - it should take only 2 braincells to realise the obvious. The third braincell is only needed to switch on the little light bulb.



Feather touching the back of Millon's neck with her fingertips.

Dear faithlessful,


No-one can tell our stories, for one thing no-one should ever know the full extent of our plans - if they did, we'd have to kill them. Of course then they'd be dead and that'd mean they wouldn't be able to write anything. If Aggy gets his hands on them, of course, they might be sort of alive but I still doubt writing would be on the cards.


~ Graendal



Let us discuss this in your dreams....at length. Forever, perhaps?


Happy Nightmares!


I'm sorry, did you really just say that the Conan books were worth reading? Bwahahahahahahahaha! You're funny because you have no taste!



Here is a story for you.

Demandred paid a visit to Millon Daine. Demandred set Millon Daine on fire. The end.



And to add to the parting gifts from my colleagues, I offer you this: an eternity of Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Cher, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, and the Jonas Brothers. You will also be left with a pistol with one shot. I think you know what to do.



After our inevitable triumph over the Light, there will be no more need for fools like you to have entertainment like "prequels", "outriggers", or "FoxNews" to waste your time on. You'll be much too busy slaving away for the Great Lord in his extreme punishment mines. Yes, where you'll be mining extreme punishment. It's a valuable commodity, you know.


Cash Cows and Carnivores,



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