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Shayol Ghul Org February 2010 News

Guest SGOrg


So we at the big scary evil org have decided to try our hand at a bit of PR, with a series of blog posts. I'm cosmicpanda, given the public liason job. I'll try to be gentle...


The biggest news lately is that there's been a pretty massive shakeup in the staff of the org, with the heads of both the Dreadlords and the Shadowspawn factions resigning. These were Gerrendus and Canukistani respectively, and to thank them for their long and loyal service the peoples of Shayol Ghul gave them ceremonial stabbings and then locked them in a dungeon. Our new Nae'blis, leader of the Dreadlords, is the one-and-only Moghedian! (Note how I was careful to copy down the spelling of her username exactly, since it's quite unique.) Currently, the position of Shaidar Haran, or leader of the Shadowspawn, is not filled. Applications are open, but it's rumored that the faction might simply be disolved. If it does close, this would be a sad day for the SG Org.


Apart from that, the org's really humming at the moment, with Faction Olympics due to start and a large mafia game in full swing. Naeann and Verbal seem to be on course for a bonding, and Kathana was succesfully seduced by the sexy signatures that SG's members sported in her honour all month. (On second thoughts, perhaps 'minions' would have been a better choice of words than 'members'?) Far, our org leader, has been rampaging around behind the scenes as usual. There's also some interesting deathmatches in progress - there was a faction leader three way (between all three faction leaders, if you hadn't guessed), but this has now become more of a faction leader vs. former faction leader contest due to the staff shakeup. Perhaps the new Nae'blis will relaunch the Dreadlord's challenge? The other deathmatch features the Black Ajah's Ashaman DeRouge against the Dreadlord's ed2funy. Somehow I, as the head of the Black Ajah, managed to become the judge of this deathmatch without any opposition from the Dreadies!


I think I'm getting the hang of this PR thing. Maybe I'll give it another go next month?


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