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Old Tongue or New Tongue? What difference does it make?

Guest Mesaana




Why do I keep hearing from people with no name or with these strange abberations of names? You have no name, so I'm not sure what to call you. Perhaps nameless one, but that's cliche. Perhaps furry one, since I am guessing from your question that you either are a wolfbrother or just want to find a new word that sounds naughty. Kind of like calling someone crude words in another language and it not getting you in trouble with your teachers.


So, Dear Hopeful Furry One,


Right, as for your question, I believe "wolfbrother" in the Old Tongue is notonmycarpet. After all, when one of those inflicted with this gift of the Dark One has a "vision" they wet all over the place. Something about channeling the essence of the wolf or some nonsense like that. Bet you didn't know that, did you? They want you to think there's nothing strange about them, just their eyes turning colors. Well, I can tell you that that's not at all the case.


No? I will need to write to one of my collegues to see if they have an old tongue handy. The last one I cut out of the Queen of Andor has been missing since before Lewstherin went on his little crusade.


Speaking of which, do you suppose cutting out that boy Rand's tongue would count as cutting out an old tongue? I do owe him for sealing me up with this bunch of darling people and if I can kill two birds with one stone, why wouldn't I?


Oh and yes, I said the Dark One's gift. Why would the Creator want you to talk to the animals? So you can see how bad it is without basic necessities such as a roof over your head or clothes on your back? Not likely!





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