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ATC: Rumors

Guest Semirhage


Dear Grand Chosens


I want to know what I should do about people always spreading rumors that I like a girl in all of my school classes (I diddn't make it that way!) in fact, she's sort of an enemy! but people are always asking if we are going out, suggesting we go out, etc. I am not...into girls yet, or whatever the phrase is. What advice can you give me?



P.S. I do not want to kill her, burn her, or anything of the sort.(Demandred) Or take her as a slave(Rahvin)



P.S.(yes, anouther p.s.) Whoever reads this, tell Lanfear to stop chasing Rand/Lewis, he is not interested.











Rumors are things I can understand, because a rumor is a form of torture (albeit a weak one). People who employ this form of torture are insecure, jealous, and put down others in order to feel better themselves. I personally do not like spreading rumors, since they are child's play. I like a challenge.


The most important thing for you to do is act as if the rumors do not bother you at all. Ignore them, make a self-deprecating joke after hearing them, or act like you don't care what anyone says. Torturers like to see their victims squirm and suffer. Victims who appear nonchalant are boring, so the rumor-spreaders will eventually give up and find someone they know will be bothered by them. After all, they are not experts like me, so they will not have the intelligence, means, or motivation to think of a new form of torture. It's less work for them to simply find someone else.


Harming the girl in question would only make things worse. After all, this is not her fault. It's the fault of those spreading the rumors. If anyone should be hurt, it's those guys. I would recommend you follow my advice above instead of hurting them, though. If they persist, you can give me their names and I'll take care of them for you.


Oh, and Lanfear is going to chase Lews Therin regardless of what form he takes or if he's interested in her. As much as I loathe her, I must admit that she is going to do as she pleases. After all, she is one of the Chosen.






Ishamael: Semirhage just wants to have all the fun to herself. If you catch the rumor starters, string em up by the ears with fishing line!


Sammael: There is nothing wrong with someone thinking you like someone. If you show it bothers you, the rumor will continue to spread. If you own it and laugh it away, the rumor will die.


Ishamael: I still like the idea of setting the rumor starter's on fire. I like fire.


Moghedien: You should do what I do - add them to your pony farm in Tel'aran'rhiod!


P.S.(yes, anouther p.s.) Whoever reads this, tell Lanfear to stop chasing Rand/Lewis, he is not interested.

Lanfear: Says you, puny mortal. I say when a relationship ends and this one is far from over.


Mesaana: When my children started treating each other this way (instead of the other Light-loving twits hat populated our schools), I advised them to stop responding to the comments or to respond with a "yeah right. Did you see that game in the park last weekend?" You have no idea how it disgusts me to have to agree with Sammy here. Blow it off, it will end soon enough. Plus, you never know when you'll wish you were nicer to her about this in the future. What goes around comes around, after all.


Come to think of it, I'm still waiting for some stuff to come around. Where IS that Curious Child...


Asmodean: You may be presenting yourself in a way that suggests that you are "going out" with this girl, as they say it these days. You may wish to seriously consider the way that you're presenting yourself. Or you can just stab the rumor-mongers; that normally stops the rumors dead. However, that comes with the unfortunate downside of having to explain your actions to the police.


As for Lanfear giving up her infatuation with Lews Therin... To borrow a phrase I've heard in this Age: buddy, it ain't gonna happen. Lanfear, though she refuses to acknowledge it, is obsessive-compulsive, and if she can't have her dear sweet Lewsie-poo (her words, not mine), she'll pine away to nothing. It's actually been quite amusing to watch, although it gets old after a few thousand years of it.






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