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AtC - Being a slave...er, a warder

Guest Demandred


Male Chosen,


Similarly, if you were bent to the will of the light and forced to serve as a warder to one of the female chosen. Who would you chose and why?




 ---------------------------------------- Dear 'Mous,


Your question makes very little sense. If I were bent to the light, why would the light force me to serve as a warder for a female Chosen? What would that do other than provide a very competent, capable warder to their enemy? If you mean that all of us Chosen were turned to the light, including the females, then again, it would not serve the light well to assign me to one of my female counterparts, as they are far more capable than almost any of the so-called Aes Sedai of the current age. They would be better off sending me to work with one of the less competent channelers so that they might have a better chance of being protected. But even then, the light is not usually interested in forcing people to its will. That's really more of the sort of thing the Great Lord of the Dark would do. And I don't mean that guy who posts in the book discussion threads. He's a poser.


So. Long story short - you did not think through your question thoroughly, and therefore I cannot answer it to the extent that you most likely require in order to feel fully validated. Perhaps you should spend less time picking belly button lint and sniffing glue, and more time reading, writing, and educating yourself to be less of a drain on society. Sincerely,


Puff Demmy




Moghedien: Who screens these querients?!  I swear, can't hire or compulse good help these days...


Ishamael: Really, Demandred's just afraid of becoming whipped if he ever gets bonded to any of our female counterparts.


Sammael: Asmodean.


Asmodean: It's all part of my master plan, Sammy.  I induce crippling aneurysms with mind-numbingly foolish questions, then climb your still-twitching bodies to my rightful place at the Great Lord's right hand, metaphorically speaking.  You'll be spared this humiliation, though; you're too short to be useful as anything more than a footstool.


Moghedien: I might believe that if you put down the smack... is that a fools cap on your head?!


Asmodean: Yes, it is.  I borrowed it from your closet.  You don't mind, do you, Moggy?


Moghedien: It actually belonged to the former occupant; I couldn't be bothered to remove his artifacts once I took over. And what did I tell you about telling people about coming over?  It's supposed to be our little secret... numbskull.


Asmodean: Sure, just blurt it out and remove any chance of plausible denial!  You suck at keeping secrets!


Ishamael: Look, you think anybody didn't know this already? You know that sneaking around is not the best way to look inconspicuous, especially with Asmo sneaking out of Moggy's bedroom window in the morning.


Demandred: So Moggy's a lesbian. Huh.


Moghedien:   Wait, when did Asmo turn into a girl?!  I mean, it's hard to tell under the dreadlocks and all, but still!


Mesaana: We should start a livejournal called "The Forsaken Diaries" for things of this nature.


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