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Empy Award Nominations

Guest SCOrg


Hello Fellow DMers. It is time to kick off Dragonmount's Official awards honoring the best and brightest of the DM community with the Empy Awards. For those new members or those older members with short memories, the Empy Awards started back in 2004 with just a few awards given out to the community. Last year the program was revamped and expanded to include new categories. It is pretty much DM's version of the Oscars except I don't get to be close to Scarlett Johansen at this ceremony....


So at the moment, the Awards Committee is accepting nominations. Before we get to the categories, let me give you some tips.


- Your nominations should be for the year 2007 (last year).

- You can have one nomination per category.

- You do not need to have a nomination for each category if you draw a blank.

- Mulitple nomination emails will be ignored. It is no fun to cheat :)

- Please copy and past the below bolded form into an email and send it to AwardsCommittee@dragonmount.com before Wednesday February 20th. All nomination emails received after 11:59 est on the 20th will be deleted.




1. Most Outstanding Community Member


2. Most Active Community Member


3. Silliest Community Member


4. Funniest Community Member


5. Nicest person in the Community


6. Evilest person in the Community


7. Best Community Thread


8. Most Improved Community Organization (ORG for short)


9. Most Outstanding Community Organization (ORG for short)




10. Most Impressive, overall, RPer


11. Most Impressive Male


12. Most Impressive Female


13. Most Impressive RP Thread


14. Most Impressive Division


15. Most Improved Division


16. Most impressive RP Organiser/Ideas Person


17. Funniest RPer/RP


DM Wide


18. Best Debater


Please Note (1): Only people who post on the D&D boards can be nominated.

Please Note (2): Only people who post on the D&D regularly can nominate people.


19. Best WoT Geek


Please Note (1): Only people who post on the Book Discussion boards can be nominated.

Please Note (2): Only people who post on the Book Discussion boards regularly can nominate people.


20. Best Siggy Maker


If you have any questions, please contact your friendly neighborhood Awards Committee at AwardsCommittee@dragonmount.com. Good luck everyone!






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