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10th Anniversary Design Competition Update

Guest IllOrg


We have received 3 logos from one artist. You still have time left to make a submission.


Below is the rules and guidelines for the competition.


1. Images need to comply with the templates in the correct dimensions and dpi




All Images are NOT required. Use your best judgement.

2. No use of any Wheel of Time characters or copyrighted material even if they are original peices of artwork of characters in the Wheel of time.

3. No use of copyrighted material at all. All pieces must be original.

4. Must say "Dragonmount - 10 years on the web" or something reflecting the 10th anniversary of DM and include dragonmount's url (www.dragonmount.com)



Judging guidelines:


1. Images must comply with the specifications to be considered (we will not ask for resizing of images)

2. All images will go through a judging round based on creativity and concept - 10 judges from all facets of DM. The top ten combined scores will be move on.

3. The top ten pieces will then go through a DM wide vote to see which of the top three will move on.

4. The top three peices will be evaluated by the DM admins (namely Jason) and put to a vote.


Deadline: March 15, 2008

Hopeful Sale Date: July 1, 2008


Send all submissions to matalina@gmail.com with the subject "DM T-shirt" with the full size image or images. Resizing will not be asked for if they don't comply with the requirements of size and dpi they will be disqualified. Please include your name and the name of the design so we can announce those with the winner of the contest.




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