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Ask the Chosen- OWNED!

Guest Asmodean


Dear Intellectual Chosen (Just Asmodean then),


I know that in this Age riddles are quite popular. Are there any riddles

from the Age of Ledgends the "mighty" Chosen would care to share with us

mere mortals? Also what riddles from this Age are your favourites?


Devout follower, Raven.


Before we get to answering the question, I'd like to point out to my fellow Chosen that there is only one "intellectual Chosen," as Raven so eloquently put it, and it wasn't any of you! At last, we have proof! I'm more than willing to accept your apologies now, and you may begin by appointing me Nae'blis, and from there, I don't care what you do. I may even be considerate enough to forgive you for all your slights against me, like that time that all of you stood around calling me a chicken, or when Sammael spilled a glass of red wine on my white tuxedo right before a concert, or when Moghedien would jump out of the closet in a spider costume and spray me with Silly String, or when... that's enough of that.


I was never really into riddles in my Age, to tell you the truth. Granted, we weren't really interested in riddles back then. We were more interested in trying to answer the big questions like, "Why am I here?" or, "What's the purpose of it all?" or, my all-time favorite, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" I once included that one in a symphony that I wrote, just because I wanted to see the look of confusion on the percussionist's face when he reached that part of the score. For riddles, I'll have to point you to Ishy, unfortunately. Just ignore the threats of burning death; he's been like that ever since that night after... I've said too much.


As for riddles of this Age, I stumbled across this one a couple years back:


Of no use to one, yet absolute bliss to two. The small boy gets it for nothing. The young man has to lie for it. The old man has to buy it. The baby's right, the lover's privilege, the hypocrite's mask. To the young girl, faith; to the married woman, hope; to the old maid, charity. What am I?



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