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Ask the Chosen: More Compliments

Guest Asmodean


What thing about Lews Therin do you like about him the most? And remember, this must be something that he would perceive as a compliment.


Okay, I feel that I must ask you why we must compliment people. I mean, you first make me compliment my worst enemies, then you make me compliment this tone-deaf buffoon. Well, let's get this over with. Above everything else, Lews Therin Telamon was an amazing artist. I mean, the man could draw, paint, do anything he wanted visually. He could carry a tune if he absolutely had to, but he couldn't carry it very far. However, the man rivaled many of the great artists of our Age, and he could have gone far in that regard. Unfortunately, he chose to pursue a career in killing things, which leads me into my second compliment quite neatly. Turns out he was good at that, too. Really good. Amazingly good. Better than, to borrow an analogy, the Abbott and Costello of our Age.


That would be Demandred and Sammael, respectively.


I mean, the man made a habit of out-generaling the two of them on a very consistent basis. It was, honestly, quite amusing to see. Here we have the two men who feel that they are the greatest military minds to ever grace a battlefield, and on the other side, we have Lews Therin Telamon, who was more than willing to demonstrate to them the flaw of their beliefs.


And before Sammael tries to point out that he defeated Lews Therin at Paraan Disen and before Demandred bores us to death with how he once beat Lews Therin at Stones... that was one time, and it really was the only high point in your careers. Get over yourselves and admit it: you suck.


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