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Ask the Chosen: Meaning of Life

Guest Semirhage


Hello chosen!

I’m in a wonderful mood today, but I just couldn’t help wondering, as one does, what is the meaning of life? I don’t suppose you know the answer?






Ugh, a cheerful person. I hope that “wonderful mood†of yours was instilled through the melodious sound of bloodcurdling screams or watching the last light of life vanish from your worst enemy’s eyes. Even if it was not, I will pretend it was in order to tolerate you long enough to answer your question.


No one knows for sure if there is an objective, universal meaning of life. If there is such an objective meaning of life, no one has discovered it yet. Because of this, everyone must find his or her own subjective, personal meaning of life. For instance, the meaning of life for me is to live in order to usher in the Great Lord’s reign. The meaning of life for you may be to live in order to pester the Chosen with your foolish questions, for all I know.


Your personal meaning of life may also change as you change. When I was an…Aes Sedai…*growls and spits at the thought*, I believed life had a very different meaning than I do now. Your meaning of life may also change. I have noticed that a lot of the questions we Chosen receive come from you. Perhaps we may be able to turn you to our cause. Then you may find that there is even more meaning to life than you ever dreamed.




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