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Signatures and Avatars

Guest Matalina


As Sigs and avatars are a big part of DM, I thought I'd let everyone know what's going on in that area of the Illuminator's. So here is a report from Far, our Topic Lead in the Artist Chapter House.


Sig/Ava Topic Lead Report


Things that are happening


The discussion, “What Inspires You?†is quite the success, in my estimation. We even managed to get a lurker out of hiding, and participating! I have one more part to add to it, before I stop actively leading it, but I don’t really see it dying anytime soon, since it’s the type of discussion anyone can just jump into.


Signatures and Avatars are being requested and handled quite well. It’s hard to keep tabs on those who were within the smith’s, since they weren’t active on their own forums, and they aren’t really active in the Artist’s. I do not know that there is a way to get them doing anything more than signature/avatar requests, but I’m still working on some ideas. As far as people doing the requesting, I think that things are going good—though I think that some requesters may be setting their expectations a little high. There isn’t much we can do about that though. I think once the Signature Auctions start up again, we will get more activity on the Signature Forums.


Things I am working on:


Photoshop Tutorial on creating Paint Brushes to use and share. (I hope to be done by the end of October—my daughter is sick, so my time is spotty atm.)


When I stop leading the afore mentioned discussion, I’d like to start a new one revolving around the question, “Graphic Arts vs. Traditional: does GA = less talent, more method?†This will cover the notion that in the past decades, graphic artists have become so incredibly common (and popular), that perhaps there is less raw talent, as opposed to those who paint or draw. This will be a much shorter discussion than the inspiration, but I thought it might be interesting to post a slightly debatable topic.


I would like to start an activity in the next couple weeks. In it I would post a blank 125x500 sig and have sign ups for everyone to take a turn adding something to it, in the hopes that eventually we will come out with an eclectic piece showcasing everyone’s styles and views on art. It can be themed, or freestyle…I just need to work out the details of who will be using what tool of art when editing…in case someone wants to do an animation, they would have to go toward last, since it would be saved in .gif.


That is about it from this neck of the woods. Did I do this right? Is this what you were kind of looking for? If not, let me know, so I can fix it.








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