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How to handle an errant warder

Guest Mesaana


How can I make my warder spend more time on DM ?


Dear Elgee,


Are you sure you really want your warder to spend more time on DM? I mean, let's face it, warders are unreliable, at best, and restrictive, overbearing and annoying at their worst. I've noticed quite a few so-called Aes Sedai worrying over what their warders are doing since I've found my way into the Tower and it's quite amusing.


I question the point of having a servant you can't control, to be honest. I'm going to assume that your warder is male, which compounds the issue already in place. It's not as if men believe a woman is good enough to research even the silliest of break-throughs; leaving us to get stuck in a classroom surrounded by the next generations of brilliant researchers...


Wait, we were talking about you, weren't we? My bad...


Very well, then, try this. I see that the White Tower has "classrooms" set up for their younglings. Enlist the children to round up your warder for you. A nice mob of children is bound to get his attention and, if it fails to work, they can always handle the litigation and execution themselves, too. You won't even have to get your hands dirty. I recommend teaching the children to hog-tie and drag him through the streets without a stitch to protect his hide, but perhaps that's just for my own amusement.


I've had a good deal of success with this approach to handling people and you'll find that, with each new warder you acquire, they grow less and less willing to abandon you to the boredom of regularity within the Tower. A little negative reinforcement is rarely a bad thing when disciplining a child, a dog or an errant warder. They'll thank you for it in the end.




PS- Yes, I know who you are. You didn't have to tell me or sign your name to the e-mail. I am Chosen, you cannot hide from me.


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