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Seanchan Updates and Ramblings

Guest SCOrg


Hello fellow DMers. It is yet again time for Empy to ramble a little about that Organization that you forget about because it is near the end of the listings.... no... not the Wolfkin... ok so they have it a little worse and my oberservation is not that valid. Fine!


Anyway.... if you are not familiar with what the Seanchan is about and think we only chain up women with collars and leave them in our cellars until we need a beer run... well think again... that is so 50's. No, we mostly sit around... watch TV, play video games and if we are lucky enough to get asked out on a date, we go to movies... unless we go alone because we just love movies that much and need to get a fix of 30 minutes of previews... Oh sweet previews... make my mouth water with an-------ticipation.


So we have many activities that are ongoing throughout the month. We play a game called 21 questions where a member tries to stump the astute Seanchan members by picking a movie and we have 21 yes or no questions to figure the movie out. We have gone through 4 games so far and have won each one. We just beat down Sinister Death's try with only 12 questions (special thanks to Hax for the help). So if you want to stump the Scwaub... errr.... Empy... come on over and lets play!


We are currently in Round 2 of our Favorite Actress competition. Come by and vote for your favorites to ensure they make it to the finals. Past winners include:


Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite TV Show: X Files

Favorite Actor: Jack Nicholson


If you watch TV, you know it is a big week for the networks as it is premiere week. We have many discussions going covering the new shows. Check out the links below if you are interested in participating or just reading up on shows you may have questions about.


Recent TV Discussions:


Aliens in America CW, Monday, 8:30pm

America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 NBC

Big Shots ABC, Thursday 10pm

Bionic Woman NBC

Carpoolers ABC, Tuesday, 8:30pm

Caveman ABC, Tuesday, 8pm

Chuck NBC, Monday, 8pm

Dancing with the Stars 5 ABC

Dirty Sexy Money ABC

Doctor Who Sci Fi Channel

Eureka Sci Fi Channel, Tues, 9pm

Heroes NBC

House Fox

Journeyman NBC, Monday, 10pm

Life NBC, Wednesday, 10pm


Moonlight CBS, Friday, 9pm

Private Practice ABC, Wednesday, 9pm

Reaper CW


Alrighty.... I think I have rambled on enough. Hope to see you around the Seanchan boards sometime!



Seanchan Org Leader



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