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SG Predicts the Future

Guest SGDiv


In a rare turn of events, the Shadow granted an interview, offering up several of its more prominent members to speak about their plans and the future of Shayol Ghul, as they saw it. Below is merely a taste of what was told…



[Arciel] Tell me a little about your plans, Sammael?

[sammael] well the short of it is: I plan to crush the borderlands with much stragerery (I am all powerful so I can make up words) and then unleash my army to the South

[Arciel] Infighting? *leans forward interested* Tell me more about that. They always say how strong the Borderlands are

[sammael] Shienar is completely under my control and they are convinced that Arafel is a threat to them… I think someone has been whispering gossip in their ears



[Arciel] Anyway, if you’re not one for planning, what are you going to do, Asmodean?

[Asmodean] Meh, I’ve got a little something-something going with the Seanchan

[Arciel] And speaking of Arafel and the Borderlands, did rumour not have the White Tower on their way?

[sammael] all part of my plan dear lady, the white tower can not be solely defeated on their home turf

[Arciel] And Asmodean, you mentioned something about the Seanchan. Why not elaborate on that particular thread a little more artistically for me

[Asmodean] As to the Seanchan… it’s the ultimate in big results with little effort

They want to conquer. They want to see the land divided against itself. By positioning myself in such a way that I can give little bits of direction here and there, I can drive a dagger right into the heart of the Great Lord’s resistance



[Arciel] *crosses her legs* So, tell me Ja’varan. What sort of things are you cooking up? Should the men be worried for their own plans?

[Ja’varan] Men should always be worried, child. If they do not look behind their shoulder too often, I would say they’d be in for a great deal. As for myself… Oh, the usual. I was toying with the idea of something in Illian…

Not much, just a little blood and perhaps getting acquainted with a princess or two.

[Arciel] Illian is a coastal city though, and if the Seanchan do land they might land there…

[Ja’varan] Yes, you are right, which is why I’ve been wondering when the musician is going to turn up. He knows as well as I do that a joint stronghold of Illian and the Seanchan would be much greater than any invasion of his own. Besides, with the princess being safely taken care of, I doubt there is much to fear. We shall wait and see, I suppose.



Unknown to our interviewer and the rest of our speakers, the Shadow offered up one last surprise guest, and as Ja’varan exited the room, Shadar Haran emerged from the shadows…



[Arciel] You are the voice of the Dark One in all things?

[shadar Harran] When I speak, it is as if the Great Lord speaks, When you speak to me, you speak to Him. I do hope that you understand the rare honor that’s been bestowed upon you. Being neither Chosen nor a Friend of the Dark, you would normally be killed outright just for that, but we needed you

[Arciel] I am honoured, Hand of the Great Lord

[shadar Harran] As well you should be. Truth be told, you were chosen to deliver a message to the world.

[Arciel] I am a Chosen? You honour me - will you not divulge all your secrets to me? Some choice morsel to taunt Asmodean, or Sammael?

[shadar Harran] The Shadow is moving. Plans have been put into motion, plans that will shake the world to its very foundation. The Hand has spoken. Tread lightly, human. The Shadow is watching, and the time is coming swiftly…

[Arciel] Where the Light fails, Shadows fall

*Shadar Haran steps back into the shadows and disappears*

This is Arciel Scuro from somewhere dark, bringing you the word. *Checks to make sure she still has all her belongings, her purse, her lipstick, her soul…*


Shayol Ghul would like to thank Arciel Scuro for being such a good sport and agreeing to interview us at such short notice. In compensation for her services, she will be spared when the Great Lord is free. For the full interview, you can follow this link here [Click Here] to the Shayol Ghul Division newsletter, the Raven.


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