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Some more thank yous

Guest Harriet


Dear all: Most sincere thanks from Robert Jordan (via Harriet) go out to


Michael J. Fredericks, Jean Verney-Carron, Evan Harmon, Lisa Kirwood,Ryan Salsamendi, Emma de Laat (hello, Emma!),David Freeman, Helena Taylor and Janet Taylor


for gifts to the Mao Hematologic Malignancies Program -- amyloidosis research. Thank you one and all.


Jim is taking it easy today, since we go up to the Mayo tomorrow for a routine workup -- but as a consolation prize, here is a poem of mine:


Bard: n., a full set of equine armor.


Your head seethes with essential magic,

its glittering chanfron deep and wise,

high-buffed, strong in dream and reason.

and your escutcheon shining pure.

The crinet of your glistening neck,

articulated, burnished,

glides swiftly to the brazen peytral

of your great roomy chest.

On it emblazoned script in gothic flame:

Live in today, live for tomorrow.

Your flanchards bearing you in strength,

shine bright below your gleaming crupper.

And for your groin: festooned galloons,

fine textiles in a nest, and heavy gold.

All worlds flare in your burning eyes,

as soul and words bring fat new flames

to the pale page, and to my greedy heart.

Hope you enjoy it . You have all been a wonderful support for both of us.... I guess this is a little thank-you token. Best, Harriet


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