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Guest Harriet


Dear everybody,


First of all, Major thanks from both of us to Dustin Micheletti, Greg Pearson, Michael Kemp, William Walker, Carols Franco, Jenna Medaris, and John Knam, for your very kind gifts to the Hematologic Malignancies Program -- amyloidosis research. Thank you for joining this fight!


Now I must add my own personal and heartfelt thanks to Brad Condray, Proxy Candy Striper for all of wotmania, and all of you dear Wotmaniacs, for your lavish, heartfelt, and delightful Care package. Your card of good wishes moved me to tears. And the box contained so many smiles, good tastes, and fun pastimes that I was overwhelmed.


Thank you very much, all of you.


Best Wishes,


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Guest jofraz


Ms Harriet


Just keep on keeping on. You two are truly special for us.


And yes, Brad is indeed a fine, caring man.

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Guest Jacob Teitelbaum MD


Dear Harriet,

Sorry to hear about Oliver's primary amyloidosis, but am glad that Mayo is treating him -as they are the best in the world in this area. As a medical researcher, writer and lecturer(and internist for the last 26 years) I wanted to make you aware of research I’m involved in. There are 4 very safe, effective, and cheap natural remedies to enhance heart function/efficiency and if you like I’d be happy to gift you with them(the least I can do for the awesome WoT books Roberts gifted me!). These are Ribose(CORvalen), Magnesium,CoEnzyme Q 10 and acetyl L Carnitine.As they are natural and cheap, they do not go through the FDA process ,so most physicians are usually not familiar with the research on these(I can supply the studies as well if you’d like). He’ll have a marked improvement in cardiac function in 6 weeks(and likely feel a lot stronger). Side effects are negligible.For more information about me, simply do a search on my name.Feel free to contact me if you’d like to explore this easy add on to your treatment. I put this same info on Robert's buy I am not sure if they are read so I am passing it to you as well

Love and best wishes,

Jacob Teitelbaum MD

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Guest hpngiskxic


Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! yonvyykekucfxe

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