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  1. Wow, that's interesting Mark... but if Min can't channel, she can't bond someone, so she can't be a participant of a double bond. Or so I'd say.
  2. Wallyrocket, you are right! I had forgotten about that part. But it raises the question of whether it was a Talent anyone could do (with the double bond), or if it was something only Pevara could do (a Talent, like Foretelling that only she can do). Or, to phrase it differently, was it something that can happen at any time, or was it a factor of it being the Last Battle with the Pattern getting stretched thin? Wotfan, I think that would be a definite advantage of the double bond, too. But, again, it's not sure if accessing each others Talents is possible. Say for instance that Elaida became part of a double bond. Would the Asha'man be able to Foretell too? Maybe, but maybe not. Since Talents are tuned to the channeler, I could understand a double bond letting the other person have access to the innermost Talents they possess. But, with Foretelling, it's hard to say if it would affect the other bonded. There's plenty of room to speculate. One other thing I should have mentioned about the single bond: will the Asha'man's wives suffer from the "death rage" if the Asha'man dies? Are they bonded like a Warder, or is the bond to them different?
  3. Hello, all. Welcome back to "WoT If?", Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. This time, we'll continue our look at the Warder bond. As always: SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. Last week, I suggested that the bond connects the two participants' souls. For this discussion, I want to look closer at the double bond formed by Pevara bonding Androl and Androl bonding her in return. Before we look at that, though, I'd like to examine both bonds a bit more. The Aes Sedai/Warder bond is formed by the Aes Sedai with saidar. The Aes Sedai is the leader of the pair—in vows as well as in the physical manifestation of the bond. Sisters can force their Warders to do things through the bond; we see that when Myrelle receives Lan's bond: However, this practice of using a form of compulsion on their Warders to do their bidding doesn't seem to hold true for men who can channel. When Alanna bonds Rand, he is not subjected to her compulsion. The conversation between Alanna and Verin shows it: Her "trying" had to be using the bond to make him heed her words. Obviously she would have tried it. But she failed, and it's because he is too "strong." So, that leaves the question of which strength is it? Is it because Rand is ta'veren or is it because he is a channeler? We don't see any other instances of an Aes Sedai compelling her Asha'man Warder in such a way, so I'm assuming it's the channeling that gives them immunity to this device. On the other side, though, the Asha'man bond is quite different from the Warder bond. The Asha'man bond was discovered by Canler, and it's "something like the bond between Warders and Aes Sedai" (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 27, "To Be Alone"). How similar, and how different, are they? When Logain bonds Gabrelle and Tovaine, we see he has absolute control over them. Gabrelle thinks: So, what happens when the two bonds are mixed? After a horrifying linking experience, Pevara bonds Androl without his permission. Then, in retaliation, Androl uses the Asha'man bond on Pevara. This results in their emotions circling back on them—her feelings get reflected to Androl, which get reflected back to herself. Overall, it's a very crazy concept. As time progresses, Androl and Pevara begin to consciously develop the bond, forming a sort of telepathic connection. They can essentially read each other's minds—and with greater ease than Gabrelle could read Logain's mind. So, here's my conclusion: the Asha'man/Aes Sedai double bonded combo will serve as the catalyst for binding the two Towers together. Once the events of the Last Battle settle down, it seems likely that others will follow Pevara's and Androl's example. There are many advantages to their enhanced bond. It was very useful as they ran around looking for the seals. If every Asha'man/Aes Sedai combo had that sort of telepathic connection, they would be very powerful. But the main reason is that the connection gives equal status to both participants. The Aes Sedai is the weaker one in the Asha'man bond, and the Asha'man weaker in the Warder bond. The double bond gives them equal status, which would be advantageous to both the White and Black Tower. I think every channeler bonded to another channeler will agree to add on the extra bond. There are other things to speculate about the single bond. First, would the Asha'man suffer the pain of losing the Aes Sedai? In the prologue of Winter's Heart, Gabrelle says, "Or it could be that this bond is like the Warder bond in more ways than we know. Maybe he just did not want to experience the two of us executed." Here, she's implying that if Logain's bonded Aes Sedai were killed, Logain would suffer the unbearable pain of the broken bond. And if the Asha'man dies, does the Aes Sedai go into the "death rage?" Rand wonders about this in Knife of Dreams. He thinks, "The Asha'man bond differed from the Warder bond in some respects, but in others it was identical, and no one yet knew the effects of an Asha'man's death on the woman he had bonded" (Chapter 27, "A Plain Wooden Box"). It seems likely that the death of the Asha'man—the bonder—would cause the Aes Sedai—the bonded—to die as well. Or at least suffer from the "death rage," and want to kill themselves. The double bond would either cancel out both negative factors, or make them a hundred times worse. I could see that if Androl died, Pevara would feel the cutting of the Warder bond more keenly than the other, since that was the bond she initiated. If Pevara died, Androl would feel the cutting of his initiated bond, feeling the pain of it, but not suffering from the "death rage." It seems logical that each would feel the bond they created the most, and the loss of the other would be a lesser reaction; they would feel the pain, but not experience the "death rage." On the other hand, with their near telepathic connection, perhaps feeling Androl die would be so emotionally shattering that it would kill Pevara instantly. If their minds are linked, as well as their emotions, they probably wouldn't be able to separate their own feelings in time to survive the loss. This is a tough one, and I'm not sure we have enough information to go on. Personally, I'd like to think the former situation would work—since it's very sad to think both would die. If they did, I'm not sure the price of the double bond would be worth it. So, what are everyone else's thoughts on the subject? Please let me know! That's all for this edition. Next week, I want to look at the "importance" of Moiraine. Thanks for reading!
  4. Wow! I missed every question in the last two rounds! I didn't realize my Star Wars knowledge was so pathetic! *lol* Thanks for a great game, anyway, Davrick! Sorry I was so sucky! :P
  5. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to "WoT If?", Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. Just because the series is finished doesn't mean there's nothing to speculate about. In fact, I think A Memory of Light left us with more questions than answers. So, let's get into the topic for the next two weeks: the bond. SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. The bond between a Warder and Aes Sedai is something even the Forsaken don't understand. Semirhage thinks about it in Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6, "Threads Woven of Shadow." The bond connects the emotions and a bit of the physical state of the two people who are joined. We know that the bond gives Warders extra strength and energy. The Aes Sedai receive a sense of comfort, knowing they have someone they can trust to aid them when necessary; a sword hand to watch their back. So the exchange between them is give and take—each receives some benefits, but they also give up a little as well. The Aes Sedai feel the terrible pain if they lose a Warder, and the Warders have a sort of "death rage" when their Aes Sedai dies. To some, it might look like Warders have the worse end of the bargain, but Aes Sedai rarely die under normal circumstances. But what exactly is the bond? What does it connect and how? In all the accounts of bonding in the series—from POV characters—we see Elayne bond Birgitte and Rand, and Egwene bond Gawyn and Egeanin. Only Elayne's experiences give us any details of the actual event. Spirit is the only weave used, connecting something in one person to something in another. But what is it that's connected? Some argue that it's the ability to channel. The most convincing proof for this is the example of Siuan's bond to Alric. After Siuan is Healed, her bond to Alric is still inside her (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 30, "To Heal Again"). Her stilling severed it, but once she reclaimed saidar, the pain came back. This would definitely suggest that the ability to use the Power was what connected their bond. The counterargument: Min and Rand. If the ability to channel was needed, Min couldn't have been bonded to Rand. Some might say that Rand would be the channeler in that pair, yet Rand's weaves were never used in the ceremony. More on this in a second. So, the only logical reasoning I see is that the bond connects two people's souls. The evidence for this is abundant in A Memory of Light. Rand, when he completes the body-swap, moves into Moridin's body. However, his three women still feel the bond—now connected to Moridin's body! The only thing that transferred over was Rand's soul. If the connection had been to anything physical—the brain, the heart, his ability to channel—the women would have felt Rand's body die. It has to be a connection to the soul. Going back to the argument of Rand being the channeler in his bond with Min, we see that Rand cannot channel at the end of the story (A Memory of Light, Epilogue). So, if the ability to channel was necessary, his bond with Min wouldn't have survived his body-swap, only Aviendha's and Elayne's. Taking that piece of evidence, here's my theory for this week: what if Birgitte's new body is bonded to Elayne from birth? I know, I know. Birgitte was killed, and the bond broken. Elayne says that when she sees Birgitte in Hero form: Why wouldn't it work? Probably because Birgitte is in spirit form at the moment. Or perhaps it's because they still have a remnant of the bond intact within both their souls already. I think the time it took for Birgitte's soul to pass from her Heroes' body to her new body was no more than a few hours. It might be possible that Birgitte's new body would still have the bond connected to her soul. I'm sure there's never been any case of a person who has been bonded being reborn so soon after death. There's no way to say for certain that the soul doesn't still hold the bond. At the very least, Brigitte's new body would feel the loss of the bond, the pain that's almost unbearable. It's possible for the Warder to be the survivor of the pair, so baby Birgitte could still live, only with that sense of something missing inside her. Honestly, I think it would be awesome if when baby Birgitte is born, Elayne automatically feels her, and that their bond remains intact. In fact, people in our own time often say that they feel like they are missing a part of them. Since our world is just another Age, perhaps it's the remnants of a past bond. That's all for this week. Next time we'll continue the discussion on bonds, focusing more on Androl and Pevara. Thanks for reading!
  6. I'm rusty on my Star Wars, but I'll give it a try!
  7. The one posted in December was November's edition... we work a bit backwards here.
  8. The December/January edition of Daes Dae'mar is posted on the Tar Valon board. Make sure to play the "Which Warder" game, and earn points!
  9. The newest edition of Veritas is posted in the White Ajah. This issued includes an interview with newly raised Sitter, Rhea! There's also a look on Plato's ideas of censorship in Republic. And finally, there's a quick recap of the White Ajah's Winter Carnival! Come check it out!
  10. I didn't think the True Power would work, since the Dark One's power shouldn't be able to be used against him. But I should have realized Rand would buffer it with the One Power--like he buffered saidin with saidar during the cleansing. I'm glad it happened that way, but I sure didn't predict it.
  11. I agree about Bela and Egwene's death, ahtullai! They were both very shocking. Also, I think mark is correct about Elayne's twins. They might be Calian and Shivan, twin Heroes of the Horn that bring about a new Age. I think Birgitte was going into the body of someone who was being born that moment. Elyane still has a few months on her pregnancy. Also, Gaidal Cain is rumored to be Gadren Grady, Jur Grady's son.
  12. I lost my grandmother on Valentine's day as well, Kronos. I was only six months old at the time, but it's hard not to think about her, and how much she meant to my mother, when this holiday rolls around.
  13. YES YES YES! I love this song! I absolutely love the scene in the movie for this song as well! I always like Bryan Adam's "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)." For me, it sums up love because it was in the Robin Hood movie starring Kevin Costner, and I developed a huge crush on Alan Rickman because of that movie. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPp6xhYOL1Y
  14. *ggls* I feel like a childish girl when I say things like that. I seriously can't come up with a reason why I picture the meadow, only that there's lots of space for the spinning. The spinning is the important part. It's sweet and fun and you both laugh and then when you stop, you can collapse into a hug. It sounds so cute to me! I don't think it will happen because we are getting older. Not young enough to spin around anymore. :P
  15. For some reason, I've always had this mental image of my husband and I in a field of flowers and tall grass, he's in a white shirt with blue stripes and pants, and I'm in a sundress. He takes me in his arms and spins me around while the wind rustles the grass. *sigh* It hasn't happened yet, and I don't think it will. But we joke about it all the time.
  16. RSA, it was Rand carrying out Moridin's body--Moridin, I think, had his personality fried by channeling so much of the True Power. He was alive, but fading. Rand carried out the body, and once outside, he grasped that fine thread that connected the two of them and merged them together, then separating into the opposite body. That way, Rand (in Moridin's body), recovered since he had no physical wounds. Moridin (in Rand's body), eventually faded because of too much True Power. I don't think Moridin had anything in mind but his own desire to cease living. He didn't do anything that aided the Light.
  17. I was surprised Elaida was picked! I thought she would be dismissed because she was too obviously guilty. *lol*
  18. You guys all did an awesome job! I'm surprised we stumped everyone, though. :P I hope you all had fun, at least!
  19. Sarene's face became cool and impassive. "That's eight votes for Elaida. Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, you are hereby judged guilty for the murder of Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat. According to Tower Law, you will hereby be Stilled and put out of the Tower." Gawyn quivered with anger. Put out of the Tower? Where was the punishment in that? Using all his Warder skill and grace, he rushed at the Black Aes Sedai and had his blade to her throat before anyone could think to channel at him. With one quick motion, he separated the woman's head from her body. She crumpled to the floor in a bloody heap. Not surprisingly, flows of Air wrapped him up tightly, but the deed was done. Egwene's death had been avenged and now he could die in peace. "Gawyn!" Sarene yelled, her Aes Sedai composure completely gone. "What have you done?" "What was right, Sarene Sedai. I would not allow Egwene's murderer to simply be Stilled and exiled. Egwene deserved vengeance." "Vengeance must be handled within the Law, Gawyn! Surely your mother, the Queen, taught you that." "I care nothing for the Law, or for my own life. I needed to see Egwene's killer dead." He practically spat the words. "Gawyn, there's no—" Sarene was cut off as Moiraine collapsed to the ground on the outskirts of the group. All attention focused on the fallen Aes Sedai, though Gawyn was still held in Air. "Nynaeve, delve her," Sarene commanded. Nynaeve tugged on her braid, but did as told. Nynaeve pulled back with a start. "She… she's been given forkroot tea. She collapsed from it." "Forkroot?" Sarene asked. "When did Moiraine drink forkroot? Quickly, Nynaeve, Heal her and rouse her." Nynaeve complied, and within a few moments, Moiraine's eyes fluttered open. "When did you drink forkroot?" Sarene asked the Blue Sister. "I held on to consciousness as long as I could. I didn't realize the Amyrlin's food had forkroot in it until after I drank the tea." There were gasps around the room. "What are you saying, Moiraine? You ate the midday meal with the Amyrlin?" "Yes." "Then it was you who killed her?" There was silence for a few moments, then Moiraine said, "Yes." "NO!" Gawyn screamed. He struggled against the invisible bonds that held him. He needed to kill the one who did this to Egwene. The rage inside him, recently quieted, flared again. "Confess, Moiraine," Sarene said, more than a hint of anger in her voice. "You've just allowed an innocent to be killed in your place. What have you to say for yourself?" "The Aelfinn told me that Logain had to be Tamyrlin before the Last Battle or all was lost. I dedicated my life to preparing for the Last Battle, and I wouldn't see it come to ruin just because Egwene refused to step down. I asked her to. I told her the prophecy. She refused. I said once that I would kill anyone I must to make sure the Dark One didn't win." "How did you do it?" "Last night when I saw the Amyrlin, she asked to study my kesiera. I gave it to her and she pocketed it. But, I asked her if she could study it now, while I was there, and then I could take it back with me. She obliged. So while she looked over it, I told her about the Aelfinn. She thought I had misinterpreted their words. She gave me back my kesiera and I left, but asked if I could see her at noon the next day. "I knew Eliada was Black Ajah from the start, so I knew she would have poison on her. It's one of their rules. They can drink it if they are caught and avoid answering questions. I stole it from her room. "When I went to see Egwene this afternoon, as I poured the tea, I slipped the liquid into her cup. She drank it and realized I must have put something into it. She reached for me, grabbing my kesiera, breaking it across the floor. I retreated from her reach and she pulled out her belt knife. She was weak by that point, and when she went to throw it, it slipped from her grasp, flying backwards out the window. "I knew Gawyn would be coming, so I didn't have time to grab the gold chain or the kesiera from the around the Amyrlin. I ran." "What of the forkroot?" Sarene asked. "If the murderer didn't add it to the Amyrlin's food, who did?" Laras stepped forward. "I did. I've been adding a bit to her meals every day since she took over. I never meant her any harm, I only wanted to get back at her, in some small way. I served Siuan as Amyrlin, and she had my loyalty. I couldn't believe this innkeeper's daughter could rise so high in power." Sarene shook her head, sadly. "Then you alone are guilty, Moiraine. There would have been other ways to achieve your goal, if only you'd have talked to others about it. Based on your confession the White Tower finds you guilty of murder. Cadsuane, Nynaeve, link and shield her. Call for guards. Let's get her down to the cells to await Stilling." Gawyn writhed against his bonds, but he knew they wouldn't let him go. She would be Stilled, but released, and it would be his job to track her down and finish her, even if it took his entire life. This concludes the game. Thanks for playing, everyone!
  20. Gawyn looked around the room, eying the suspects named. "That's five votes for Elaida. Three for Egeanin. Two for Laras. One for Siuan." Sarene nodded in agreement. "If we do not reach a majority, I'm afraid the killer will walk free. It take a majority to convict by Tower Law." Gawyn growled low in his throat. No one would be walking free, he would see to that. Get your final votes in, everyone who's left! (Cadsuane, Rand, Moiriane, and Egeanin)
  21. Gawyn walked forward into the group of people. All fell silent as he approached. In a calm and deadly voice, he said, "I know who did this. The evidence is clear." Sarene walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm. "Don't let your emotions get in the way, Gawyn. Let's allow everyone to voice their suspicions first." Glaring at those gathered, Gawyn reluctantly nodded to the Aes Sedai. Knowing the guilty person and not being able to get his vengeance irked, but he could be patient. In only a few more moments, he could strike down the one who did this to his beloved Egwene. This concludes the Final Round! Instructions for the Accusation Round will be sent to you shortly.
  22. Welcome back to this special edition of "WoT If?". Why is it special? Because we're allowed to include A Memory of Light spoilers! So, I'd like to take a look at all my past theories and cry over how far off they were from what actually happened. SPOILER WARNING. THIS WILL INCLUDE CONTENT FROM A MEMORY OF LIGHT. PLEASE DON'T READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED THE BOOK. Let's start backwards and work our way to the beginning. I'll try to organize my thoughts as best I can. 1. The Aiel The Aiel didn't submit to the Seanchan; I was totally wrong on that one. They did give up their hatred, though. They did agree that they would have to let the collared Wise Ones go. In that, I was semi-right. Of course, with the deal Egwene made with Tuon, all the Wise Ones will be released, so the Aiel won't have to suffer the a'dam for much longer. 2. Moridin Moridin didn't turn out to be a double agent. None of the Forsaken returned to the Light. I thought for a moment it would be Lanfear, since Rand opened himself up to her, showing her his true feelings and intentions (A Memory of Light, Chapter 12, "A Shard of a Moment"). Instead, that made her even more bitter. Perhaps it could be argued that Moghedien or Graendal could come back to the Light. The a'dam might reform Moghedien, and Graendal's Compulsion could lead her back if Aviendha wishes it of her. 3. Gawyn and Egwene A few of the deaths I predicted were right: Gawyn, Birgitte, Rhuarc, Tenobia, and Bashere. In all honesty, I never, ever expected Egwene to die. It was the most shocking part of the book for me, possibly even in the whole series. But, looking back, there are some hints that this will come to pass. There are dreams she has where she sees the possibility of her own death: The first might be her trying to get to Gawyn. She ran to him and he ran to her, but neither made it in time. Because of that, the "axe" descends on her. With the loss of Gawyn, Egwene fought harder than she should have, bringing her own downfall. The same could be said about the second dream. With Gawyn closing the door (dying), Egwene also dies. 4. Fain I was wrong about Rand killing Fain. I think every theory I've seen on Fain has been wrong. I made five different predictions that were likely to happen. None of them were fulfilled in A Memory of Light. There was such a build-up for Fain, but he turned out to be a red herring of sorts. His presence—and his death—at the Last Battle were completely pointless. They added nothing, one way or the other, that I saw. I'm on my second read-through of the book, and it's a bit more obvious to pick out the literary logic of Fain. Rand is occupied at Shayol Ghul, and there are two entities trying to kill him: Slayer and Fain. Naturally, Slayer is dealt with by Perrin, so logically Mat should handle the other. Makes sense. I'll admit, my heart lurched when Mashadar touched Mat. I had a moment of panic before I remembered Mat couldn't possibly die (because of the possibility of the outrigger novel). Though this scene felt a bit rushed and anti-climactic, I really enjoyed the irony of it. 5. Cadsuane I was wrong about Cadsuane dying as well. I guess I overanalyzed the foreshadowing on that one. I also enjoyed the irony of that scene. Cadsuane left the White Tower to avoid being raised Amyrlin (according to Robert Jordan's notes), so it's funny that they catch her off guard right after the Last Battle is finished. I believe since the words were spoken, she has no choice but to answer the summons of the Hall. 6. Alivia Alivia: not evil. Wow. This was a complete shock to me. I really thought all the signs were there for her to turn out to be a Darkfriend, at the very least, or some high-up Shadow Official. Not so. She turned out to be what she said she was—as far as we know. And she did "help" Rand die. Of course, there are still some ways we can speculate about Alivia. Someone did theorize that she could be part of the royal family of Seanchan. I'm sure we can continue the discussion of her as the theory blog continues in March. 7. Galad What of Elaida's "The Royal line of Andor would be the key to defeating the Dark One in the Last Battle" (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 1, "Seeds of Shadow")? You could say it was Rand all along, but what about the efforts of Galad? He was given the copied foxhead medallion and went to fight Demandred. He didn't win, but he was responsible for the ter'angreal finding its way into the hands of Lan, who did defeat Demandred, causing the battle at Merrilor to be won. It's arguable. 8. Mat Mat's role in the Last Battle was probably expected of most people, but not me. I really expected him to do no more than sound the Horn. That whole plotline smacked me right in the face! Mat almost single-handedly won the battle at Merrilor. And it was an incredible battle! It was right for Mat to be in charge. Having the Great Captains lead, like I assumed they would, lead to near defeat. I guess the Shadow thinks like I do. Also in regards to Mat, I never expected that he wasn't still bound to the Horn (and I gave some proof as to why). Still, I loved the way it played out, especially Olver's sweetly sad reunion with Jain: This scene is what The Wheel of Time is all about. Touching and emotional and just perfect. One of my favorites in the whole book. 9. Rand So, what did we learn about the voice at the end of The Eye of the World? I guess the answer was it belonged to the Creator. Looking at the return of that voice, Rand seems to think that's who it was. Rand, because of his thanks and his hope, assumes it is the Creator, that the Creator is giving him permission to continue. It makes sense. I don't know if the Dark One would really welcome the Dragon Reborn into his lair. He knows Rand must come, but he probably wouldn't give consent to the timing. However, here, the capital voice isn't italicized too, like it is in The Eye of the World. That's a bit curious. Besides that answer about Rand's encounters at the Eye, no more is revealed. We are still left wondering about the true power of the Eye and what effect it did have on Rand. For the blog I wrote about Nicola's "The Dragon Reborn will do nine impossible things" (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 17, "Secrets"), only one prediction was correct! He survived the Last Battle, which most of us knew he would do anyway. I wonder if there are other impossible things he did that would count, rather than the ones I came up with. 10. Logain I will admit to total failure in my prediction about everything related to Logain and the Black Tower. The Asha'man never came to Caemlyn's aid, nor did Logain go off on a secret recruiting mission. I'm so glad that the resolution in the Black Tower was able to be squeezed into this book, and I love Logian's character development and flaws, despite that nothing happened the way I thought it would. 11. Nynaeve And one of my biggest predictions, the one I thought had to be right, Nynaeve Healing death: WRONG. While I really liked the idea of Nynaeve accomplishing this feat, I understand it wouldn't work in the context of this world. If she did it once, she could do it again, and would do it again. A world full of immortals isn't a good thing. Am I embarrassed that I got so much wrong? A bit. But at the same time, I'm glad I tried to think outside the box (and outside of theories that had already been circulating). I think this just shows that Robert Jordan was a genius. Look how much he kept us guessing. Look how much we still got wrong! There's no denying he was a master storyteller and a very skilled writer. A Memory of Light is a fitting end to his legacy. That's all for this special edition. Join us in March for new theories. I kept a notebook beside me and jotted down tons of notes. There are still many topics we can discuss as the Wheel keeps turning. Thanks for reading!
  23. Gawyn stalked around the room, his fury growing with every accusation and excuse. The clues were there... his mind was filled with too much pain and anger... he had to focus, to figure it out. "Elaida, what do you have to say to these accusations? Moiraine Sedai, surely you want to answer my sister's questions. And Cadsuane Sedai, you've been quite for awhile now, don't you have anything to add?" We'll extend this Round because it's important to ask as many questions as possible. Plus, Leala is having internet trouble. We are nearly at the finish line! Keep up the good work!
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