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  1. The reset starts in just about half an hour!
  2. So I have been looking for a WoT video game for awhile now and have been having trouble. Amazon will probably make one eventually but for now I am stuck with one or two skyrim weapon mods, a M&B mod, and the really old first person shooter that won't even run on my PC. I have found something else though, there is a browser based game I found that seems pretty cool, the community is active and the mechanics are innovative. It's called Game of Stones http://gos.talij.com Basically the game resets every once in awhile after the Last Battle which is an in game thing, and a new age is starting March 24th 10 PM EST which means a reset. I have a clan for Ogier and have started negotiations and alliances already to secure Stedding Shangtai. Also there is some good RP in the game too. It is somewhat hard to get into, but use the wiki and play until at least like level 5, and you should be good. Oh and join the discord, the community is really helpful. There is a link on the website to the discord if you go to the messages tab at the top and click on the world of dreams. Tell me if you want to join my clan!
  3. ok good to know thanks, ill check them out too
  4. rip, well I'll be happy to talk to those who can until it gets fixed, quick question though, can you join multiple SG's?
  5. DM Handle : Liam N Timezone : EST What does "honor" mean to you? Honor is respect. To honor someone is to respect someone, so if you have any self respect then you have to have to be honorable. Honor is honesty. To have honor is to be honest in both your words and actions, being straight forward is honorable and lying by omission or redirection is still lying. Honor is fairness. To have honor you must never challenge anyone to dance the spears with if you know you could easily take them as gai'shain, unless you intend to train them. Honor is self control. To have honor is to control how much you allow yourself to indulge in everything from overly sweet wetlander foods to starting blood feuds with those who do not act against you simply to dance the spears. Honor is flexibility. To have honor is to accept that which is different and be able to adapt to it while still retaining your own self. Honor is duty. To have honor you must know what is required of you and fulfill it to the best of your ability. Honor is courage. To have honor you must rise to whatever challenge is in reach and attempt it, while not stooping to calling every frivolous task a challenge. Honor is humility. To have honor you must not be overly confident and risk your clan over a selfish sense of self importance, and believing you are best suited to every task is a quick way to being good at none. Overall, honor is the only way to wake from the dream with a feeling of completion, and those who lack it will find themselves unfulfilled and wanting to wake once again.
  6. Thank you! I am joining this SG hopefully soon so I'm sure all of the Ogier here will have many more 😊
  7. I agree, I think it made sense for Rand's character and his situation was a bit more nuanced and he does accept his role as a leader by the third book even if he doesn't accept the mantle of Dragon Reborn, but with Perrin it could of been done better and with Mat it really didn't make any sense. As for the female leads, Elayne it Nyaneve it makes sense but Egwene it did not. Nyaneve would of made more sense as amyrlin seat IMO with Egwene going off with Rand, you would have to move plot stuff around but I think it would of been better like that. That being said I wouldn't want anything changed for the TV show because I like to keep with cannon for the most part. Thats on the wrong thread though so i'll stop lol
  8. I second that lol, I managed to translate it into English somewhat but i'm still confused about this \/ \/ \/ other than that I think he is saying ignore the cannon because he doesn't like Brandon Sanderson and amazon should make the show off of whatever crazy theories he comes up with. Somehow at the same time though he thinks that amazon should not make the show because of fans being mad over changing characters and.....19th century issues? I'm not sure but I think that he thinks that the things WoT talks about are outdated in some way. Anyway, I may be wrong but thats what I could decipher from that post. If it isn't obvious already I disagree and cannon is cannon, amazon may have to cut some stuff but they don't have to just not do it or change the entire series to adapt it into a TV show. Also WoT talks about all sorts of stuff and I never connected it to South Carolina in the 19th century.
  9. hey if you reply can you do it to this one forgot to check notifications again
  10. I don't know you guys, I'm fine with the red eagle pilot episode lol In all seriousness though, my castings are more of a general outline but I think unknowns for Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene, Nyneave, and Elayne. For more side/main characters that don't have as much from their perspective, from Siuan to Lan to Thom to Tam to Logain to, you get the idea, for them I think that is where they should bring in the more big name actors. What do you guys think they should do for trollocs, ogier, fades, and the green man and stuff like that, CGI or practical effects or a mix?
  11. Ok, thanks i'll do that, quick question though, is there much rp here or on DM in general
  12. Hey, so on the Ogier being violent in the books I think it somewhat adds to the Ogier as a whole. While they avoid violence whenever they can, if they have to they will defend themselves and their groves, and I think that makes a stark contrast to the tinkers, some of which end up serving the shadow in memory of light I believe. The point of that was likely to show the flaw in their philosophy, accepting evil because you are not willing to fight it. It just shows that Ogier are willing to fight when they need to it just takes a lot to get them to. As for my favorite trait about them though, it is probably their willingness to debate and have open discussion. Even though most of the others already planned to open the book of translations they still heard Loial out and were open minded enough to be convinced. (referring to the opening paragraphs right after the table of contents in towers of midnight)
  13. hey I still want to sign up but forgot to check the notify me of replies box, so reply to this one please
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