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  1. Love it! But yes, I think Cadsuane won't appear until Season 4 or 5 at the earliest.
  2. I agree that fridging would suck. We have enough of that with Lews Therin (although it's not really fridging as it doesn't motivate him to begin a hero story, it leads to his own suicide) and Rand worrying about it happening to Min. But I can't see why else they would call her Laila and be an Aybara, instead of her being Adora Aybara. Unless it is a code name. With Sarah Nakamura, Harriet, Maria, and Sanderson advising, hopefully they wouldn't make such a big change.
  3. In all seriousness, I do fall on the side of Laila being Perrin's wife in this turning of the Wheel. The only Laila in the books is a girl that Perrin had a crush on, so maybe they will introduce a dead wife for him in episode 1 to motivate him to leave. I'm cautious about such a change, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad change if they go down that route.
  4. So, one thing I found when looking at the current Emond's Fielders cast: Major: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve (of course) Minor: Tam al'Thor (less minor as the series progresses) Daise Congar, Abell Cauthon, Natti Cauthon, Bran al'Vere, Marin al'Vere, Cenn Buie. From those still missing, the most important I would consider is Bodewhin Cauthon given her eventual role in the story and strength in the power. Perhaps they don't want to cast her before the return to Two Rivers as she'd be absent for a number of seasons? For the same reason, Egwene's sisters, too - Alene probably being the most important, as she asks Verin and Alanna to be a novice during the return to the Two Rivers. There's also Perrin's family / the Luhhans. Nae'blis on YouTube made an interesting point that the Aybaras are important in order to highlight the despicable nature of Padan Fain.
  5. McElhatton will be playing Tam al'Thor, and Kae Alexander is playing Min Farshaw. 🙂
  6. 1. The White Tower and Warders on this website are a community and so we are supposed to both support and respect one another, treating people with kindness. As an aspirant of the White Tower, I will start out as a novice and then be raised to Accepted and hopefully Aes Sedai given enough time. 2. The code of conduct is a policy against things such as hate speech and other inappropriate material on the website. This is policy for everyone who is a member of Dragonmount, so it applies to me as much as any other user on the website. 3. PG-13 means that material is friendly to users who may be as young as 13 and up. Therefore, there should not be too much explicit language, and no sexual images, or gory images without warning, etc., or really anything that reasonable parents of a 13-year-old would not want their child to see. 4. Thread hijacking is when users go to a thread and try to divert it into something completely unrelated to the original purpose off the discussion, and it starts to devolve into something off-topic, making everyone else uncomfortable. Spam is posting too many posts too often, especially when they are very low-effort and pointless and add nothing to the discussion. The WT/Warders try to completely avoid both of these. Hope everything is okay! 🙂 And I don't have any other questions for the time being.
  7. If we want to get into more minor characters, Maria Doyle Kennedy (Ila) is great, too! She's played Mistress Cameron in Outlander, Catherine of Aragon in the Tudors, and several other big roles like Orphan Black. There's also Priyanka Bose (Alanna), but I think she's more familiar for her Bollywood/Tollywood films, which I'm not familiar with. I do know Kate Fleetwood (Liandrin) from roles such as Harlots (Nancy) and ITV's Victoria (Queen Victoria's sister Feodora) too, but she's perhaps not well known as the big names like Pike, Okonedo, etc.
  8. Thank you! I am Purple Ajah, the name of a popular theory about the Wheel of Time (although my fave real Ajahs are the Brown and the Gray). I read the book series in 2017 and am also interested in the new show. I like many characters from the series such as Verin and Moiraine. Aside from WoT, my big interest is fantasy, and I have an interest in creative writing. In real life, I am a university student in my 3rd year (junior year in the US) and I am from the UK. I have worked abroad teaching English as a second language but alas, in present times, my life has become relatively boring again. I am an editor of MediaWiki projects (including WoT as well as other series) and am helping to make a Wheel of Time video game mod. I am also invested in writing/RP.
  9. I would also point out that Sophie Okonedo (Siuan) is also pretty established! She is a Tony winner, and was very well-received in the BBC's production of The Hollow Crown (Based on Shakespeare's Histories). She and Pike struck me as the most impressive castings, but then I am biased, being from the UK, and I am not as familiar with Morte and Henney. Aside from the older, more established characters, I am mostly expecting unknowns. Especially for the younger characters. A show as large and expansive as this is a big commitment for any actor.
  10. I don't think Cadsuane has been cut, but I do think that Kerene will absorb her role in New Spring during Moiraine's season 1 flashbacks. Casting Cadsuane in S1 is problematic if it's going to be several seasons before that ends up becoming a major role, and as another formidable Green sister, Kerene can absorb that role for the first season. I think Rafe Judkins has talked about liking the "bigness" of WoT, so it would surprise me if primary characters are truly cut. Some important character could be heavily sidelined (Gawyn), but I'd be very surprised if they were cut. I can see some of the Forsaken taking on each other's roles, though.
  11. Well, I often think that Wheel of Time is a very diverse setting, in the literal sense that people can look very different even within one nation. For instance, Seanchan has blondes like Alivia, redheads like Ajimbura, but then Tuon is described as dark, and official artist Ariel Burgess has drawn her as a black woman. So to have darker actors in the Two Rivers is fine to me. Egwene's skin tone is not mentioned in the novels, for example. Really, what was more surprising was that Raen is being portrayed by man of South Asian descent, but even the Tinkers will accept people from other nations joining the Way of the Leaf, so it makes sense as travelers of a diverse continent for them to not all look the same. If I expect people to be cast in a certain way, I do hope the Aiel will mostly be pale like Rand's actor, and that Sea Folk will mostly be dark as they are described in the novels. However, appearance is superficial in some ways, and Brandon Sanderson likes to imagine the show as a "new turning of the Wheel", so the appearances can be a little different. FWIW, we do know that the Aiel will probably be redheads: Just going off Rafe's comments about how he is interested in polyamory more than polygamy, I guess that Elayne, Aviendha, and Rand will all have feelings for each other. And that's not entirely unfounded, in my books: the Companion says Aiel sister-wives consider themselves married to each other as well as to their husband, and during the bonding, Elayne thinks she loves Aviendha, but in a different way to Rand (some read that as platonic, others think it is a different kind of romance). As for other same-sex relationships: Shalon and Lady Ailil have a very explicit love affair when the Sea Folk are in Cairhien. However, the potential scandal is not that they are a same-sex couple, but because Shalon has a husband (who she also loves, but got lonely). There are also some minor characters who are gay, such as Arrela Shiego, Seonid, Solain, and Juilaine, as well as Galina (though she's far from nice). Some interesting quotes from both RJ and Rafe:
  12. Since they have cast Kerene, I want to say that Sheriam is almost certain, because she is an Accepted at the same time as Moiraine and Siuan in those near-certain flashbacks. I don't think Cadsuane will be cast in this season, and Kerene may take on her role in Kandor for the NS parts. Another point in Sheriam's favor is that the girls may be going to the WT early, and obviously the Mistress of Novices is an iconic Aes Sedai role. For that reason, Elaida. I'd be really surprised if they cut her as Morgase's advisor, but they can set her up as a potential villain if she plays the role as Moiraine's tormentor in the ter'angreal. I mean, they already have a Liandrin, but not Elaida? For that reason, I think it's possible (although far from certain) that Verin or Alviarin may briefly appear in S1, too. Other than them... Lews Therin, Ishamael, Balthamel? And more minor roles like Agelmar and Amalisa. Elyas, obviously, but there are more questions whether he's been shifted over to a later season.
  13. I have read and understand the rules, and have emailed to register my name in the Novice book. 🙂 I await word from the Mistress of Novices and look forward to being appointed a mentor!
  14. Tigraine disappeared the same year that Moiraine went to the White Tower to become a Novice, so unless the timeline is substantially altered, I find that part unlikely. I think a cold-open on Dragonmount would be cool, and then a cosmic view of the Wheel - that was pretty much the only part I liked about Winter Dragon. Then focusing on the Two Rivers. Moiraine's flashback to Gitara Moroso's Foretelling can happen along the way.
  15. Here you go! It says he has "plans" for the prologue, and unless it's substantially altered, I'd say that almost certainly confirms both LTT and Ishamael. In the same thread, he also says that including stuff other than TEOTW and NS is a WAFO.
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