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  1. Amazon have confirmed that The Dark Tower TV show is in development with them but not green lit yet, which gives the deadline article from feb that mentioned both DT and WoT more credence. If WoT is at Amazon then it is most likely in the same situation.
  2. DEADLINE ARTICLE LINKS AMAZON TO WHEEL OF TIME SERIES(TAKE WITH CAUTION) No one else other than Deadline is reporting this, so until they do or Amazon make an official announcement, Don't bet the bank on it.
  3. Rafe gave another tease while on a writers retreat. http://www.wheeloftime.tv/2018/02/wheel-of-time-showrunner-teases-us-with.html
  4. That we all want? None. Sony can do quality, but they may be hamstrung by budget restrictions depending on which network picks up the show. Storywise, even with an unlimited budget, Rafe will make changes and not everyone will be happy with his creative decisions. All we can hope for is something that is entertaining, doesn’t look like crap and somewhat resembles the story we love.
  5. @Werthead What’s your take on Rafe being picked to rewrite the Uncharted movie? Good, bad or means nothing in regards to WoT?
  6. Possibly some news coming... http://www.wheeloftime.tv/2018/01/radars-ted-field-set-to-announce-future.html
  7. If the Aes Sedai doing the toture/beating doesn't believe that what she is doing is using the OP as a weapon then the oath has no power to stop her.
  8. Take them back and get a refund or swap them. Seems like you got a basket full of reject copies.
  9. Nope, still in limbo until they do a deal with a network/distributor.
  10. http://www.wheeloftime.tv/2017/01/current-wheel-of-time-english-editions.html The above shows all the current available in print editions that you should be able to easily find on Amazon or bookdepository. Though the trade paperback version with the ebook covers doesn't have a matching New Spring edition from memory. You can find all the hardcovers https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Robert+Jordan+hardcover&ajr=0
  11. It's linked in the post, or just google flight from shadow.
  12. Looks like we might not have to wait years to see some WoT on our screens. Some people have just filmed a short FAN film and are editing it now. Hopefully we all get to see it. http://www.wheeloftime.tv/2017/06/new-wheel-of-time-fan-film-in-works.html
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