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    The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells

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"Ares if you ever are in the Central Midwest United States, I want to buy you a beer." - Chuchievi
"for the love of science, why, just WHY are you so awesome?" - Blackhoof on Mr Ares
"I respect what you say (not how you say :P)" - Mik on Mr Ares

"Getting pwned by Mr Ares is pretty much an initiation of sorts around here" - Suttree

There is much that is mysterious about Mr Ares. Who is he, where is he from, and why does he insist on writing his About Me profile in the third person? Through his years here, he has blazed a trail, smiting bad arguments, kneecapping people who make unoriginal jokes about a certain horse, smiting bad posters, answering questions, and generally being amazing (not to mention all the smiting he does), but little is known of the man himself. Well, he's not going to tell you anything now. Makes this whole bit rather pointless, really.

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