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  1. Tyrion's chapters are some of my absolute favorites - such snappy dialogue, such wit... such sarcasm! I read passages aloud sometimes just to enjoy them more. ACOK is a great book for Tyrion fans. He really shines :)


    Arya's story in ACOK is really interesting as well. Some fascinating characters she interacts with. Maisie Williams is going to have a lot to sink her teeth into for Season 2 of the HBO show.

  2. Dragonmont may or may not be a Jordan reference, but there are some very obvious ones in the books (I'm currently re-reading AFFC and there was one that I ran across last night that I missed on my first read, probably because I read it first before I started WOT). With so many characters, families, castles and places to name, GRRM threw in some nods to his contemporaries and influences. Fun to find them as you go :)


    And yes, ASoIaF/GOT fans are anxiously awaiting casting news for Melisandre. There was one leaked audition video for the part, and man, she was horrible IMO. If I looked the part at all I could have done a much better job. Which I don't. Hah.

  3. Melisandre is a rather intriguing character. Can't wait to hear your observations the more you see of her. :)


    Davos himself is a good example of what's wrong here. The chapter mentions how Davos, as a smuggler, once saved Stannis's bacon by sneaking food through a siege at Storm's End. Stannis knighted him, gave him a keep, and some good lands... and then chopped off the first joint on four fingers for smuggling. With friends like this, who needs enemies?


    This is the best example of what Stannis is like - rigid, just and utterly without mercy. He certainly does not inspire love in his subjects, nor loyalty (with one significant exception).


    Why else would Jon Arryn be taking him to meet Gendry, and taking him to all those brothels? Arryn discovered that Joff was illegitimate, and showed the one person (other than Robert) who most needed to know.


    Not to be spoileriffic - but there's a touch more to it that you'll find out soon.


    Re: Yoren - he's certainly an unsavory appearing fellow, and rough around the edges, isn't he? The guy they have playing him on the HBO adaptation is far too presentable! ;)

  4. Mat truly does become awesome in this book, and the awesome does not stop. :mat:


    And yeah, the Cairhien victory seems like it would be a good "end of book", but there is some amazing stuff yet to come. Just finished my re-read of TFOH a couple of weeks ago, and I'm trying to finish a couple of other books before I go back to my WOT re-read (including preparing for the new Song of Ice and Fire novel to be released 7/12). Will have to make sure to stay ahead of your blogs, though, it's more fun for me to have the story fresh in my mind when I read your thoughts :)

  5. *cheer*


    The ending of GoT is pretty fantastic, even on the heels of Ned's death... "King in the North!" is just stirring... and Daenerys' chapter is heartbreaking and triumphant altogether. I was weeping the first time I read it as she repeated over and over to herself "If I look back I am lost." And then... baby dragons. Amazing possibilities. WONDER.


    Can't wait to see what you have to say about Clash of Kings! :)

  6. Frankly I always been much more pissed off with Galad. He saw the same things wrong as Gawyn and he ran away from his problems. And joining the whitecloaks of all people? Maybe if he was there he could have talked Gawyn and the younglings out of it.
    I completely forgot about Galad, did he leave with the Whitecloaks already? There were hints of him thinking about it, but I can't remember it actually saying he left


    It hasn't been revealed yet at the point you're at. But yeah, next time we see Galad he's with the Whitecloaks. (so hard to avoid spoilers, isn't it?)

  7. Ghost decides they could use a hand.


    Cue rimshot...


    Ahh, the real excitement in Book 1... I forget, were you going to be reading/blogging the rest of the series? I'm about 1/4 of the way through ASOS in my re-read at the moment (have been alternating between WoT, ASoIaF, and miscellaneous other fiction on my To Be Read pile).


    Loving your posts!

  8. Yeah, Rand's mother gets made much more clear later, although she has been mentioned before... stuff you probably wouldn't have noticed in the earlier books will come back up again and again as you go on.


    It's not imperative that you catch all the details and remember it all as you go, but it makes for interesting re-reads when you go back and find all the clues and references that you finally understand. ;)

  9. I'm also really interested in Perrin, aside from the fact that it also means we have to deal with Faile.


    That's pretty much how I felt for most of the rest of the series to date. (Sorry to discourage you :wink: )


    Loving your posts - I'm just slightly ahead of you in my re-read now, and if you take a short break I might be able to stay far enough ahead to remember the chapters you're writing about!

  10. I actually drink iced milk with honey now and then - when I first put it together I wasn't even thinking about it having been in ASoIaF, either. I was going for something cool, sweet and refreshing but relatively healthy (skim milk and light on the honey). 'Tis rather good - the sweetness is easily adjustable if you don't go nuts on the honey right off the bat.


    As for Ned and his investigation, I remember being about as clueless as Ned at this point on my first read through. There are definitely more puzzle pieces out there... I expect you'll have more to say on upcoming chapters - these are relatively uneventful... and I'm zipping my mouth shut now and awaiting further blog posts so as not to spoil a single thing. *whistling innocently*

  11. From stuff said later in the chapter, it seems like damane are those who are born with the spark in them, while sul’dam are those who can be taught? Now my question is those who can be taught, don’t they eventually channel on their own anyway? Or is this not the case, only those with the spark born in them are the ones that will eventually channel? Those who can be taught will never know the difference without someone who knows what to look for.


    Right. Only those with the spark born in them will eventually channel without guidance - those who can be taught (like the sul'dam) actually do need someone to teach them in order to touch the source and channel the One Power.


    Anyway, so we finally find out a little more about the mysterious Selene, or I think so, she’s Lanfear?


    Got it in one! With that knowledge in mind, and what Moiraine said about Lanfear having been Lews Therin's lover before she went to the dark side, looking back on how she interacted with Rand earlier in the book makes more sense.


    Mat is growing on me, but again I feel like he was just sick or grouchy half the time.


    You're through the worst of it now. Mat starts becoming all kinds of awesome in the next couple of books. :mat:


    Hopefully people are still enjoying the blog posts, I'll try to keep em coming pretty frequent.


    I for one always enjoy a vicarious re-read! And I'm in the process of finishing up my own re-read of TGH, so it's been fun reading your reactions around the time I'm reading the chapters myself.

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