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  1. If I had to guess, I'd say that Nyn somehow tired herself out with the Power on Logain, and that by the time she got to Siuan and Leane she didn't have much left in the tank.


    I don't think it works that way... further information will be coming in a future book, and I don't believe it's 100% spelled out even then, but I'll keep the spoilers under lock and key just in case you figure it out later. :)


    Halima is to be Delana's secretary, and turns out to really be Aran'gar. You may also remember Aran'gar, one of the resurrected Forsaken from way back in the prologue. This would explain why Delana can't sense her ability to channel, because we already know the Forsaken can mask that and keep others from sensing it.


    That they can, but this isn't why Delana can't sense her ability to channel. You may remember from the prologue that Aran'gar used to be male and the Dark One transmigrated his soul into a female body. He - now she - still channels Saidin, as the soul is still male.

  2. Now Elayne is the Daughter Heir, so with Morgase presumed dead - as far as Rand or anyone else connected to him knows - that makes her the legitimate successor in Andor. But how does Rand mean to justify putting Elayne on the Sun Throne in Cairhien?


    Elayne's father was Taringail Damodred, who was brother to the King of Cairhien at the time of the Aiel war. She's royal on both sides :elayne:

  3. Now hang on. Didn't Demandred get made Nae'blis back in the prologue?


    Actually, not quite. The Dark One was kind of tempting Demandred with the possibility of becoming Nae'blis... like "Would you like to be Nae'blis? Then here's what I want you to do..."


    And isn't keeping Rand alive a pretty dumb move, since Rand is dedicated to defeating the Dark One?


    The Dark One is a sneaky bastage... He's got all the time he could want right now to try to influence Rand, see if he can turn him to the Shadow. The Dark One would rather have Rand on *his* side if he can manage it, which you can expect him to try to do.


    Apparently the Dark One has also offered to make her Nae'blis. Maybe the Dark One just likes pitting his Forsaken against each other.


    Rather seems like it!

  4. I bought the Kindle version of book 5... read part of it on the Kindle app on my phone, the other part on the free Kindle app for my PC. Then I finally broke down and bought a Kindle with the Amazon.com gift certificate my mom gave me for my birthday :)


    The e-book price was preferable to the hardcover, and I absolutely refused to wait until the paperback was released to read it. Was hard enough avoiding spoilers until I finished the book (less than 36 hours after it was released, on very little sleep). :rolleyes:

  5. GRRM is certainly big on cliffhangers - comes from being a TV writer I think. It's like writing to make viewers keep watching through the commercial break - he likes to end chapters on moments that will make you want to keep reading to see what happens next, even knowing that the next page is going to be another POV character and likely in a different location altogether.


    I can think of a few more "did they survive or didn't they" cliffhanger scenes you'll run across in upcoming books, although I can't say specifically they're "in every book".

  6. Reek has been carrying a sack for some weird reason all through the chapter, now he shows Theon what's in the sack while suggesting they're hiding at some mill. Bran's direwolf brooch, but nothing else we get to see. I'm a bit lost here. What could possibly be in the sack that connects the boys to the mill?


    Reek is... devious. You'll get the answer to this when the story returns to Winterfell... first time I read it, it actually confused me a bit, but it does get much clearer as the story progresses.


    And the information imparted is somehow going to pop back up again. As will the woman Ygritte.


    Good instincts. You're right about the story Ygritte tells - it will come up again, multiple times, directly and in allusion.


    One thing I wonder here is, how Sansa's period will be handled for the TV series. Bear with me here: Sansa in the books is about thirteen at the point of this scene. But for the TV series (which I haven't seen yet), I've gathered that GRRM moved all the kids' ages up by about three years or so, and has indicated that these are the ages that he should have written the kids at all along. That would make the TV Sansa about sixteen at this point in the story. Which means that she will be considerably older than average for her first period. Old enough, in fact, that it would strain believability.


    Sansa was aged up a little less than some of the others, as I recall. In the books, she was 11 when the story began, and this point in the story is a bit less than 2 years after it began.


    In the TV series, she's 13 to begin with, and while it's a little later than average, 14 wouldn't be too far out of the realm of believability for her first period. Closer to 15, of course... it's a stretch, yeah, and Sophie Turner is older, and looks older... But you're right, they pretty much have to make a fairly big deal of her first period, because Joff has already made a point of stating that as soon as she's flowered the plan is to marry her and get her knocked up. They may reorganize the timeline a bit and make this event earlier in the second season to make it less of a stretch for believability.

  7. Someone mentioned this in the last blog, but why don’t they just travel? It would save on a hell of a lot of supplies and time.


    A large part of it is that they don't know what to do when they get to Tar Valon just yet. As they march, Bryne is picking up recruits for his army (you'll see more discussion about this shortly)... he's trying to make his plans for what he's going to do when they reach their destination... and once they get to Tar Valon, they have to make the fateful decision about whether to start a war and irrevocably break the Tower. As it is right now, they're marching that way, and rumor is spreading, but there's nothing they've done yet that they can't get out of with some negotiation.


    I have to take a step back and remember that she is barely out of her teens, or is she in them? She acts and seems so much older sometimes.


    As I recall, she's about 18 at this point. She's about the same age as Elayne, and a couple of years younger than Rand, Perrin and Mat. All of them are thrust into leadership very young, and rarely act as young as they are.

  8. Don't know if you figured it out yet, but I don't think it is spoilerish to point out the vision in the earlier books about Perrin having two birds on his shoulders, a Falcon and a Hawk? :wink:
    That makes so much more sense now, maybe Perrin will end up with both of them? If Rand can juggle three women, why not Perrin



    Rand's women are willing (at least somewhat) to be juggled. Can you see Faile being at all willing to share Perrin? At all? ;)

  9. I'm loving the blogs, Demos - don't stress yourself out with it, but doing fewer chapters more often would be awesome. And count me among the ones who appreciate that you've kept with it. I love seeing a first time reader's take on something that I've read several times now. I've also been trying to keep slightly ahead of where you're at in my re-read so the story is fresh in my mind when I see your comments.


    I like that you include a recap but also your thoughts - questions that occur to you (some of which we can answer without serious spoilers), things that stand out as important, stuff that you may suddenly realize was foreshadowed in earlier books, etc. That's my favorite part :)

  10. Renly enjoys a nice, juicy peach.


    I really love that scene. (High hopes for it to be shown on-screen in HBO's season 2!)


    One thing that struck me about this chapter was that when telling Cat about Joff, Stannis mentions how he developed suspicions and took them to Arryn. Odd... I'd always figured Arryn took what he'd found and alerted Stannis, not the other way around.


    Indeed, most people assume that Jon Arryn got suspicious and told Stannis... but it's quite interesting that Stannis was actually the one to figure it first, and got Jon Arryn to investigate and prepare the case to present to Robert because he figured it'd look self-serving for him to bring it up.


    (I'm guessing wargs are along the lines of what Bran has been doing with Summer in his dreams.)




    So Cat goes to pray,


    I really love how Martin has sprinkled in bits and pieces of different religions in this series - especially this scene with Catelyn in the sept, it gives so much richness to the world. I miss that in Wheel of Time, to be honest.

  11. I once saw a list of how the strength in power matched up, can't find it now though. Logain is about as strong as Taim, so he one of the stronger nonforsaken. Plus he's much more experienced at using the power then Nynaeve.Found the list, but it only seems to be for females so no real help.


    Male channelers are stronger in the power than female channelers, in general... This is (allegedly) "balanced" by the fact that women can link with one another up to a circle of 13, while men cannot link with one another at all unless a woman does it.

  12. Earlier it seemed like Bran was just dreaming that he was Summer. But now it's starting to seem like Bran is actually in Summer's head, experiencing Summer's thoughts, while his human body is asleep.


    I forgot it took so long for that to become really apparent... I guess that means the relative lack of direwolves in the HBO Season 1 can still be remedied.


    (Rainbow Guard... fanciful concept. Certainly up Renly's alley, he seems very flamboyant. Which leads into me wondering if there's something between Renly and Loras, who seems to get more of Renly's attention than anyone else, even the new Queen.)


    I totally didn't even notice that on my first read. Then again, I didn't spend much time thinking and analyzing in order to blog about it. I just devoured the story and missed a ton of details.


    Where is Barristan??? Sooner or later, we find out, I bet.


    Safe bet. That would be a really irritating thread to leave loose, wouldn't it? Like some WoT plot threads that end up getting dropped *coughBlackAjahHunterscough*


    Well, in his last chapter Theon learned that his return to the Iron Island wasn't as good as he hoped. Now it gets worse for him. He has a ship of his own to command. While he is checking it out, he meets a woman and makes passes at her, and she rides with him back to Pyke. It's only then, and several fondlings by Theon, that he finds out this is his sister, who is considerably more attractive than he remembers, and has a ship of her own as well.


    Creepy as it was, Theon's encounter with Asha was pretty hysterical, especially upon re-reading.


    Now Theon is downright insulted. Hell of a way for Balon to treat his son.


    The whole culture of the Iron Islands irritates me... you get a lot more information as the series goes on about how they think, but even with just this it's pretty obvious that Theon's been gone for too long to fit in with his family anymore. He's been raised by the Starks for too long to be a Greyjoy, but he was never fully accepted by the Starks either (except Robb).


    Theon's one of the most intriguing characters IMO, once you're inside his head. From the outside, you never really can trust him - he comes across as a bit of an ass... and then once you're in his head, he shows that "ass" tendency, but you also see his insecurities and rationalizations... and I'mma stop before I spoil too much, but he's a really fascinating character. You can see where he's come from in how he ends up where he is.


    Martin is so good at complex characters, taking someone you want to hate and make you understand them, pity them, even like them a bit... Very few of his characters are totally likeable or unlikeable, and some that start out one way will go through several shifts as the story goes on.

  13. The Aes Sedai is Cabrianna Mecandes, and her warder is also captured. We haven’t met this Aes Sedai yet have we? I don’t recognize the name. Regardless, it doesn’t turn out well for the warder as he is killed during the torture, and I assume this then broke the Aes Sedai into giving the information needed before being killed herself. We don't find out which information was so important to get, though.


    Just pointing out here - you obviously caught that this was significant, and since you don't recognize the name (and shouldn't, we haven't met Cabriana before), it'd be a good idea to file this away for future reference. Sometimes things are brought up that seem like they should be significant and relate to things you've read previously, and often they relate to future plot points.


    We're always here to help you figure out if you missed something in the past books ;)


    There are some odd and end tidbits we get, but nothing really stood out to me. At least stuff that I understood and recognized the names.


    Some things from this chapter will make a lot more sense on a re-read - they may not be significant per se, but are interesting details when you know more about other things that get mentioned later.

  14. I'd been under the impression that Janos would have been continuing in that capacity, he'd just be doing it as a lord now. The City Watch has knights and sers in its ranks, why can't it be headed by a lord?


    As I recall, in GoT when Slynt was raised to a Lord, he was given a seat on the Small Council as well, which is the reason why he's needing a replacement as commander of the City Watch. Well, that and what Tyrion is planning. :rolleyes:

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