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  1. Sounds like a great time. I'm not a huge museum person, but I do enjoy seeing castles and weapons... and of course sparkly things. When you said mosey down for some reason I thought you said moosey down and thought you went and visited Moose who I believe use to be a member around here...
  2. Certainly, thank you Raeyn (Hopefully the ajah raids and other activities will start up in about a month or so). I didn't know that about the warders, interesting. Hopefully I can visit there one day.
  3. Myself as well, however it has been discussed for over a year now. We were getting to a point were we had more boards than active members. It should help us get back on our feet and promote overall activity around the tower to include fostering bonds with all the Aes Sedai. It will help us to reforge our sense of identity and to make the white tower more cohesive.
  4. Hello everyone we've had some changes recently in the warders and as things are getting changed I believe it's best to let our sisters know what is happening. We have effectively temporarily shut down the three disciplines and their private boards. The disciplines still exist the Ren'shai, Mer'Arearth, and the Cuen'n'dar. However they currently don't have their own boards instead all three disciplines are using the warders board. To remind everyone the three disciplines are: Mer'Arearth - This discipline is lead by the Corki. The guild has a sci-fi leaning towards it that I haven't seen. Corki loves music and traveling. You should see this influence upon the guild in the future. In the meantime they love to have discussions, plan, and think abstractly. I really enjoy the members there and can say they are an easy going group who can be quiet at first. Cuen'd'eren This discipline is lead by Ireond. I'll just say that this disc generally attracts the spammers. Their focus is more on brotherhood and a sense of community. Like all the disciplines activity is a little low, however they are a very friendly, dynamic, and odd bunch. I really liked the idea of community and fellowship and looked into this discipline a lot before deciding. Ren'shai I currently lead this discipline. Our focus is on "being a living weapon". Basically we're get really focused on one thing and are adrenaline junkies. There are a lot of prior military members in this discipline along with many who have extensive martial arts training. Carpe Diem. The current members of the warders guild are: WARDER INFORMATION Sword Captain Vanion -- Elgee Sedai & Kara_J Sedai & Nynaeve Sedai Master at Arms Verbal -- Besolyn Sedai Quartermasters - Warder Council of Advisors Paetric -- Delenn Sedai Corki (Me'Arearth) -- North Star Sedai Al Jenn Mael (Ren'Shai) -- Little Miss Sedai Ireond (Cuen'd'eren) -- Mmeeshal Sedai Fnorrll -- Ell Sedai Honor Guard Ben_T Gaidin -- Ladria Sedai & Dwynwen Sedai Kynwric -- Loraine Sedai Matalina -- Raeyn Sedai Segurant -- Muirenn Sedai Shamaeso -- Kara_J Sedai Chief of the Moat Bob - The Friendly Monster ACTIVE LIST Der'Manshima Barmacral (Cuen’d'eren) -- Raena Sedai Bursius (Me'Arearth) -- Minuet Sedai Liitha (Me'Arearth) -- Unbonded StaffMaster -- Leane Sedai Manshima dapianoplay3r -- Unbonded ed2funy (Cuen'd'eren) -- Adella Sedai Karasayl -- Unbonded mcs0083 (Ren'Shai) -- Tynaal Consen Millon -- Marta Sedai ThorkinBarrimore (Ren'Shai) -- Unbonded Algai Auld Manriva -- Unbonded BalefireP -- Unbonded Barbarian -- Unbonded Juan Hangslow -- Unbonded Kemian -- Unbonded __Wolfbrother__ -- Unbonded Robert Laurel -- Unbonded Visar Falmaien -- Unbonded Nargbert -- Unbonded Vanion is our Sword Captain and Verbal is the warder equivalent of the MoN. He will fill the second in command position if Vanion needs to take an LoA. The Honor Guard is an honorary position for older members who actively helped as part of the staff. The Quartermasters are the equivalent of the Ajah heads and are what has replaced the old discipline leaders. They are Fnorrll, Ireond, Corki, Paetric, and myself. We have a lot of positive changes happening and I plan on keeping everyone up to date. Please feel free to stop by the warders yard to say hello and check out everything for yourself. We plan on having a lot more activities up and running so you'll be seeing us around. Any Questions?
  5. Hey Al! Hope the holidays are going well.

    PM me if you can when you return. Thx!

  6. Chickens seem to like to visit my new place which is cool although my aunt Diane has told me chickens are fowl creatures... hahahaha.... sorry... >.

  7. The timeline is moving to fast. I wasn't completely on board for three books... however now I agree and think instead this should have been done in 5 books. They're good books but I feel like we're missing a lot of depth and it feels rushed.
  8. The glass columns were AWARE of Aviendha when she put her hands on them... possibly a projection from them?
  9. Sacramento pictures, http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb225/Daviddezwaan/Sacramento%20Tour/
  10. Thanks Jennifer, you're awesome.
  11. Not what I would have guessed you would have asked. Hopefully you enjoyed it Luckers.
  12. Oh god... Detroit? Umm, I think your brain needs to move to the eastern part of itself... The left hemisphere? After all Lake Michigan > Lake Huron. Anyways, I use to feel the same way about the internet vs. real life and still do a lot of the time. However social networking, interacting, with 'digital people' is in many ways better suited to develop strong relationships as you get to know those people online better and can FIND people who if not share interests at least share qualities you can BOND with. I think I'll always be a RL person, however I have found that a lot of good and amazing things can come from your virtual world and although I'm not inclined to promote it always I can't deny that I have met many amazing people. Love is an interesting thing. I'm a hopeless romantic and do believe in it. However I will admit that sometimes I wonder if it is just something I want so much that I make it real... Charis you are a very smart, talented, and overall wonderful person. I don't know if you can fall in love if you don't believe in it, but I am sure that if it is something that you find you want you will get surprised with what life will throw you if you put yourself out there. I can't relate to being a loner. There have been periods in my earlier life when I was... 'shunned' or unwanted however like you know I'm a jerk and just kept forcing my self and presence until things changed. I am not sure how it will all work out for you, but I know you have a very loving and devoted sister who cherishes you very much. I can tell you that making friendships and relationships outside of school becomes a lot more difficult as there aren't thousands of people around you who are the same age. I know you can do what you put your mind to and that once you decide what it is you want and have made peace with that you'll be able to achieve it. I hope you find what you are looking for, good luck Charis.
  13. Completely, utterly, and hopelessly in love with Crystal Crawford.

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