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    Everything, I love learning new things.
  1. Al Jenn Mael

    *moons the Light faction*

    *Falls into a small pile of already licked suckers getting them stuck on my face* *Looks at Locke and squints eyes* *Starts pulling off stuck suckers and sticking them on Locke* *Looks at Led* Wait we have boots?!
  2. Al Jenn Mael

    Roll Call: May 2017

    My favorite event was a cross social group event between the White Tower and Black Tower. There were games, one power fights, and just general buffoonery... it was fun.
  3. Al Jenn Mael

    Roll Call: April 2017

    You think? Haha, but yeah, I haven't really been active since 2012, but in a last-ditch effort to continue procrastinating a project, I happened to poke my head in and see some friendly old faces! It's actually pretty cool to see you and others again, lots of nostalgic memories coming back. I know those feels. Good luck with the project and feel free to poke in now and again to procrastinate or just to pass time while you're bored.
  4. Al Jenn Mael

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Deleted duplicate post.
  5. Al Jenn Mael

    Missed You

    Well yes that is the best part, who wants awesome abilities turned on friends. We use awesome abilities on you weirdo's of the shadows, then just tickle our dearest. Win/win and it's why we're the bestest.
  6. Al Jenn Mael

    The Blade's End Tavern

    All the staff were perfect little angels. And I believe our Amyrlin was the best behaved. Elgee, Kara, Talya, Verb, Barm, Vanion, etc. They were probably the best behaved Aspies the White Tower has ever seen. Charis, Adella, Ed, Aiel Heart... They were almost as good as the Amyrlin and her friends but not quite. It's quite sad because you can no longer see all the old threads from the boards at that time only from DM7.
  7. Al Jenn Mael

    The Blade's End Tavern

    My son was there. AF. I am Air Force as well. I was there 2009-2010. I hope he is doing well. What does he do for the AF?
  8. Al Jenn Mael

    Welcome to Al!

    Traveled a bunch, turned 30, you know the usual. What are you looking to get your degree in? Mission work is cool, you should have a great time, let me know where you end up heading off to. Last we talked I was living in Japan. I have been in California for the past 6 years and am looking to move. I hope your travels go well as it's a great part of life.
  9. Al Jenn Mael

    Welcome to Al!

    An evil tainted creature has wandered in! *Pats Locke* Hi, didn't think you were still here as well, how have things been for you? Crazy? Leyrann that would fit really well over with the Band if they haven't changed to much. They always liked and listened to a lot of music, especially heavier stuff. Now you have to let the music move you... through time so you can make your memories older or newer as needed.
  10. Al Jenn Mael

    *moons the Light faction*

    *Steals some of Locke's suckers and starts licking them to claim them as his own* MINE
  11. Al Jenn Mael

    Ren April Discussion - CAKE!

    Pot? Psh, I'm in my 30s now so I can pretend to be old. You act younger than any of us and were an absolute terror when an aspie with all the originals, Kara, Talya, etc. So the pot/kettle is calling you a pan :P
  12. Al Jenn Mael

    email notifications

    o/ Yes it's been a little bit. How have you been? Make it to Jordan*Con this year?
  13. Al Jenn Mael

    The Blade's End Tavern

    *Laughs* I love moving. Prefer every three years or so to move so it isn't as much of a pain for me. Might change when I have little ones. I had a lot of fun on DM so it holds many good memories for me. I actually met my wife here in this social group seven years ago while I was coming back from Afghanistan.
  14. Al Jenn Mael

    Roll Call: April 2017

    Locke! You're still around, I've missed you I think. What/where have you been? The place doesn't look destroyed so I take it you haven't been around much?
  15. Al Jenn Mael

    Welcome to Al!

    Lol, thanks for the delicious brownies... so tainty. Appreciate it Wildfire. That's hilarious Leyrann, just learn a weave to travel time!