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It's Time for Week 2 of Our Wheel of Time Cage Matches


Welcome to Week 2 of our Wheel of Time Cage Matches!


For those of you who are dying to know who the winners were for last week, here they are:


1.) Moiraine vs. Nynaeve (Winner = Nynaeve)

2.) Cadsuane vs. Lanfear (Winner = Lanfear)

3.) Logain vs. Taim (Winner = Logain)

4.) Moridin vs. Aviendha (Winner = Moridin)


This week, we are featuring fighters from our non-channeler bracket:


1.) Birgitte vs. Min

2.) Lan vs. Thom

3.) Padan Fain vs. Shaidar Haran

4.) Selucia vs. Mat


Please head to this forum in order to participate. You will need to register for our forums in order to post and vote. Votes posted in the comments section of the front page or anywhere other than the appointed thread polls will not count! Also, please read this before posting in the other threads. That thread has a lot of information in it, including our tournament schedule.


Who will win? Who will bite the dust? You decide!

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Make sure you guys go to the polls I linked to vote. If you just list them on the front page, they won't be counted.

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I wonder if killing Shaidar Haran would hurt the Dark One at all since SH is the DO's avatar and the DO is investing so much power into It.

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