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  1. Maybe the members of The 4th Age podcast (if they still exist ;) ) or someone else will be allowed to record the presentation...
  2. The Great Hunt is my favorite of the Jordan-only WOT books.

  3. Robert Jordan also wrote the novelization to the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring Conan movie "Conan the Destroyer". I've heard Virginia of the 4th Age Podcast and others remark that the concept of "Zombie Trollocs" must be a purely Brandon invention. However, Robert Jordan had a Necromancer as the big bad guy in almost every one of his seven Conan books.
  4. The Great Hunt is a masterpiece to listen to

  5. The audiobooks are great! Despite a lot of people harping on them getting the pronunciations wrong, I can't tell the difference between when a member of Team Jordan gives the official pronunciation of a word and the pronunciations used in the audiobooks - except maybe "Shaido". I guess I don't really have the attention span anymore necessary to make it through an actual re...

  6. I never read Robert Jordans books although i have all of them on Audio. Even Robert Jordans prefer listening then reading i agree

  7. Hello Shannon Coffer

  8. I think the DO has invested a lot of power in Shaidar Haran and this could be the Dark One's unintentional weakness. SH is governed by the rules of the Creator's world (in the Pattern). I think hurting SH will hurt the DO as well and hurting SH will be Fain's destiny.
  9. I need some female friends! lol

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