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  1. escalus drax

    A Memory of Light is here!

    Man, I JUST finished the book right now! WOW..... WOW. Man that one chapter was looooong. I can say that if I died tomorrow, I can go in true peace now that I have finished what I've been awaiting for so long. Superb story Mr. Jordan. Good work Brandon.
  2. escalus drax

    Countdown to A Memory of Light

    I have been having dreams of the day I read the final book! Every dream frustrates me because the ending is different. I can't wait for the one true ending!
  3. escalus drax

    Wheel of Time Fashion

    Looks excellent, however those last two links need to be fixed.
  4. escalus drax

    A Memory of Light Prologue, Part 1

    I am almost done with my third reading of the series and reading this just made me want to read the series again. I could not imagine a worse nightmare than having my entire army disarmed overnight. A fantastic read! I can feel Saidin pulsing through my veins!
  5. escalus drax

    Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: January 15-21, 2012

    That's too long to wait. I want it now!
  6. escalus drax

    New cover artwork for US editions

    I love the cover for The Great Hunt. Absolutely superb!
  7. escalus drax

    It Works in Theory: The Gray Tower

    Hmm, I can see that. Didn't occur to me before about the new Black Tower, but it makes sense.
  8. escalus drax

    It Works in Theory: The Gray Tower

    Ok, but what about Elaida's "palace" in Tar Valon that she wanted to build? Didn't she have the foundation already built somewhat? I would think that if she did, then Egwene would want to eventually put it to some use in the future.
  9. Hi all, I have been a fan of fantasy my entire life, but I won't go into a lengthy book list to establish my reading base. I have read all WOT books from NS to TOM twice, and am currently reading them again cause I absolutely love them. After reading them the second time, I decided to start Martin's AGOT (without any prior knowledge of the books whatsoever). The prologue definitely had me very interested with the Others, and the first chapter also kept me interested with the beheading and the wolves. After that, I don't know where it went wrong for me. I think it may have been all the politics involved. I got as far as finishing chapter 7 with the secret letter from Catelyn's sister; the whole time trying to soak in every character while attempting to recall the details about them. I found this awkward for some reason. It was at this point that I put the book down and took up reading the WOT series again. Maybe I will make a second attempt at AGOT after I am done.
  10. Very interesting. I had originally guessed the traits had something to do with the theoretical future "Body Swap" event with Moridin. Apparently both TAR theories shed more light on the thought. Honestly I think we will still be surprised by whatever is in AMOL.
  11. That is awesome. I was actually looking to get the EOTW graphic novel, but wasn't sure on any specifics. I guess the next thing is to check the price.