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  1. This is.... how shall I say it... BRILLIANT! I could hear Connery's voice in my head as I read each line, with his distinct accent.
  2. Ahhh I'm guessing that this swearing is a pledge for a lifetime, and possibly all other lifetimes my soul will go through? Does that mean I get unlimited access to the sauna and spa, or is there a limited number of visits per year?
  3. Can we get a price on such a luxurious deal?
  4. Happy Birthday.... Hip Hip Horay, Hip Hip Horay!, Hip Hip HORAY!!
  5. Ahhh at last.... Its very frustrating not being able to buy from Amazon because I live in Australia.
  6. I think the main thing that Moiraine feared at the time was being commanded by the WT to be the queen, and that would then prevent her from being able to go in search for the Dragon. Think about how it would be if Elayne were to dissappear from Camelyn or Cairhein for 20yrs. There would be wars and every other noble would try and overthrow the absent queen to take her position. Moiraine couldn't leave Cairhein in that state to do as she wants. Elayne on the other hand doesnt have any desire to leave the thrones for long periods of time, and with the discovery of travelling again, she is more than capable of doing Aes Sedai duties and returning back to both kingdoms to fulfill the role of Queen.
  7. Min sees a vision of Berelain early on which shows a man in white. I thought from that time that Berelain would end up with Galad.
  8. @Captain Musenge, The reason the Blight was receded at the end of tEotW was cause of the sacrifice the Green Man made.
  9. Well that was my argument as well. that she just used what she has to get what she needs for her country... Other than that, I loved how she formed a father daughter relationship with Rhuarc whilst minding Cairhein, really made for interesting reading when going through a relatively slow part of the story.
  10. Hi Guys, Just wanted to start a forum on Berelain. I was having a discussion with my friend regarding her and my friend had some rather strong views on Berelain's "sexually promiscuous" character. I happen to really like Berelain's character, especially considering her background of trying to keep her relatively small country from being absorbed by its larger neighbours. I think its unfortunate that she attempts to break apart Faile and Perrin ( I like them both) however her involvement in the Cairheinien Politics was a huge help to Rand. Just want to hear from you all and your thoughts about her and her impacts to the other characters. Cheers
  11. To Ireond, Well technically Lan's army is Naynaeve's as the marriage ceremony was completed under the sea folk ways, in which the decision between the two of them was that Naynaeve would essentially be the "boss" of the pair.
  12. @Jarlaxle.... Are you serious.... people have been waiting over 20 yrs for this series to reach the climax. Brandon already ripped the final book into 3 as he beleived he couldnt finish the series in the final book that Jordan had in mind. I for one dont want another split. It will be very sad to see the books finish, but all good things must come to an end, and I would much rather it end on a high, rather then on a long drawn out 'potential' low.
  13. I agree with Metal Head on his point about 'cheating death'. The people that are in T'A'R are there as the creator puts them there for weaving out into life again because of their heroic abilities/lives. Rand aka Lewis, is bound to the wheel as well, and when his time in this life ends, he will be placed back in T'A'R I believe. Ripping him out of there is more a way of cheating the pattern of the wheel. Basically denies the creator to weave him out again, just like in the case with Brigette. It is possible that Nayneve will do this as the world will be too devastated to lose him after the final battle and will need him to start repairing the damage to all of the countries and so forth.
  14. I would just like to add that if Taim was linked with the Dark One, I beleive that Rand would have seen or sensed the Links. Asmodean clearly told Rand that the only way that the maddness doesnt affect them is becuase they are Linked with the dark one.
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