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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup


Welcome to Dragonmount's Weekly Roundup! Each Tuesday, we will highlight the trendy threads, entertaining events, and diverting discussions from our message boards. The information in this feature is for everyone, from the casual visitors who are curious about our vibrant community to the daily posters who want a quick guide to the week's hottest topics.


If you had the power to change any part of the plot in the Wheel of Time series, would you do it? If so, what would you change? Come to the General Wheel of Time Discussion forum and let us know.


It looks like the discussion of Game of Thrones in our TV Show Discussion forum is still going strong. If you are passionate about the show or simply want to learn what the hype is about, check out this thread.


The Artists, Crafters, and Writers Guild has challenged everyone to produce a work that depicts the theme of celebration. Show us what celebration means to you!


Are you a Harry Potter fan? We have a treat for you. The Blue Ajah from our White Tower & Warders Social Group is running their annual Harry Potter Week. Watch this space and participate in some of the events for the week, such as a traditional sorting into Houses, a trivia contest, and more.


The Wolfkin Social Group is holding a storytelling competition. Come read the stories that are already posted and make up one of your own!


Would you like to get involved with the role playing here on Dragonmount but don't know how to start? Here is a handy guide that will help you get started.


Speaking of role playing, the Freelanders Role Playing Group and the White Tower Role Playing Group are writing a tale about an Intrigue in Murandy. Keep an eye on this thread to see how the story unfolds.


Would you like to see Brandon Sanderson this weekend? He will be an Author Guest of Honor at Polaris25 in Toronto. You can follow us on Facebook or on Twitter for more about this and other breaking news.


That's it for this week! Stay tuned for more Weekly Roundups and some new front page features in the coming weeks.

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I honestly love this idea. I don't have the time to lurk as much as I'd like. Having a rundown of what's going on each week (with links to allow me to jump directly to interesting content) sounds awesome.

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