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  1. I'm just saying that while RJ undoubtably lost himself in the story... He probably also usually spent much more time picking and choosing what parts, what order, what flow, what tone, etc to show us than he was able to do for the sanderson material Pure speculation, of course, but probably much truth to it seeing as he spent much of his final time in hospitals and not hunkered down with his books, knickknacks, and swords. My point is that even the pure RJ stuff may not be what RJ actually would have wanted published in a perfect world.
  2. One of the problems, of course, is that whatever RJ did write in the last three books wasn't written in leisure or allowed to simmer in his mind for weeks as he puffed on a pipe and pondered whether to change a word from 'tempest' to 'storm.' In his heroic efforts to get as much of the story down for us as possible there likely wasn't the usual opportunity for second thoughts, self-editing, and such. There wasn't time to trash mediocre scenes and start from scratch. Etc etc. Compounding the issue, Sanderson was loathe to change anything written by RJ (regardless of quality). It may actually have been a better series of books if Sanderson had just treated anything written by RJ as a suggestion/guide rather than as holy text. I guess I'm talking to some of the above posters who think the best material was clearly written by RJ... When in fact the opposite could be true. We haven't really seen much of RJ's miserable first drafts. Except maybe in the last three books...
  3. Um... so, why does Olver blowing the horn do anything? Isn't Mat still alive... making the horn of valere... just a horn?
  4. Well, most of the wheel of time falls out of copyright in like 2077, doesn't it? So, we can just wait until then and have someone write the outriggers. No problem.
  5. Ok. So mat is awesome as usual. But the real burning question is: do elayne, nynaeve, egwene, etc actually recognize his awesomeness?
  6. Now, I'm imagining Harriet rocking out to German power metal.
  7. What the what, people? Apparently, "At the Edge of Time" (Chapter 23 above) is also the name of an album put out by the German power metal band Blind Guardian two years ago. And--here's the kicker--the tenth track on their album is called "Wheel of Time" (and another is based on WOT) What. is. going. on. here. ??? [OK. Just looked at their wikipedia page. Apparently, a lot of their tracks were based on Robert Jordan's stuff as well as on other fantasy writers. I guess, a tribute to them in form of chapter name? Live and learn...]
  8. 1. Wasted as in drunk -- too colloquial 2. Wasted as in Aiel waste -- to punny 3. Wasted as in drained / exhausted -- odd, but ok. 4. Wasted as in unused / overlooked -- probably the best An overuse of one power? I think of mat, but that's probably just the alcoholic version of the word popping into my head... Unused... Maybe, the kin? The seafolk?
  9. So, I was expecting the last battle chapter much nearer to the end. What big things are left for after the battle to fill up the remainder of the book (as suggested by chapter titles)? I guess my thought is that anything after the last battle will seem anticlimactic...
  10. 43 field of glass, makes me think of the aftermath of battle using massive amounts of death gates.... Turning the sand to glass
  11. As for titles... Does it seem too early for rand to go to thakandar? I thought that would be somewhere around the last battle (like rand has to sacrifice his friends by leaving them to go to shyol ghul.) is there any other reason for folks to go there? Forsaken being punished?
  12. Chapter 16: a silence like screaming, brings images of 13x13ing someone.
  13. 24 to ignore the omens: tuon pov? 33 the prince's tabac: mat pov, I guess. 44 two craftsmen: androl and ...Perrin? makin' something awesome? Been done? 45 Tendrils of mist: Padan fain? 47 watching the flow dance: aliva doing her thing? 48 A brilliant lance: the column of light egwene saw in... Um, a pre-release material dream?
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