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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: August 14-20, 2011


Welcome back, everyone! You may have noticed that we now have front page content scheduled for your pleasure on Monday-Friday of each week. When you've finished checking out the fascinating new blogs on the front page, take a look at our message boards.


If you enjoyed the topic of yesterday's theory blog and want something to tide you over until next week's installment, head over to the General Wheel of Time Discussion board. Share your own speculations about what could be in the Blight here.


The people in our Movies Discussion forum are discussing the best movies of 2011. Do you agree with their picks?


Do you enjoy puzzles and riddles? The Ogier Social Group has an ongoing thread where you can test your cerebral fortitude.


The Shayol Ghul Social Group wants you to hurry and vote for your favorite members in the Ghoulie Awards. You only have a couple of days left to get in your votes, so do it now!


Whether you call it shapeshifting, transmogrification, or metamorphosis, you probably have fantasized at some point in your life about changing your form. The Wolfkin Social Group recently posed an interesting question: If you could change forms, would you rather change into a wolf or into a better-looking version of your human self? Let us know what you think.


Our role players are getting closer to finishing their "Eyes and Ears Saga." If you have been following this story and are biting your nails off waiting for the killer to be found, you won't have to wait much longer.


It looks like the Children of the Light Role Playing Group is up to something. Let's keep an eye on them and make sure they don't cause too much trouble on their excursion.


Our Twitter and Facebook accounts have been buzzing about NPR's picks for the top 100 science fiction and fantasy books. The Wheel of Time made it to #12 on the list. I think we should have scored higher, but I may be a bit biased. What do you think about the results?


Stay tuned for more exciting news next week!

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wow i just looked at that list about top 100 sic-fi and fantasy books.

George R.R. Martin at 5? Really? i really don't like his books.

TWoT shoulda been top 5.

man i wish we could have done a survey based on the age of the voters, sex, location........

man come on!!!!

i demand a recount (1998).

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Seriously? No Weis and Hickman books? The Dragonlance Chronicles and The Deathgate Cycle along with Edding's Belgariad series are what got me into Fantasy in the first place. :wacko:

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Well, the list was a poll so I'm not too surprised at the terrible results.


GRRM had the benefit of a very successful season of Game of Thrones on HBO to help get votes.

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George R R Martin's rating is well deserved. His books are pretty popular among fantasy fans and I like them a lot.


I think he should tone down the gratuitous sex though. Heh.

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