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First Audio Trailer from the Wheel of Time Television Show

Mashiara Sedai
  • Exciting news dropped this past Wednesday: @WoTonPrime released the first audio trailer from the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show. 

Exciting news dropped this past Wednesday: The official @WoTonPrime social media account released the first audio trailer from the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show.  You can watch/listen to the clip below:



There’s already a plethora of speculation about what scene and characters this can be.  Madeleine Madden (who plays Egwene al’Vere) confirmed on Instagram that the voices do belong to Egwene and Perrin.


But when does the scene take place?  The battle noises in the back suggest Winternight (or during Bel Tine as showrunner Rafe Judkins suggested last month).  We also know in the novels that Egwene and Perrin spend a large chunk of the book together, so it could be their flight from Shadar Logoth or in the Whitecloak campe.  Either way, we'll have to "WAFO" (Watch And Find Out)!


For more information on the Wheel of Time show, visit our TV page or follow the links below. 


Additionally, check out our reaction to the video on this episode of The Wheel of Time Community Show:











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i actually believe that the screaming sounds have nothing to do with the dialogue nor the music its just somthing to tickle our curiosity plus the dialogue is super bad i hope its not in the final cut of the show (it seems that the dialogue's purpose is to convey thier uncertainty in that situation, which would be fine in any medium except for a visual one in a visual medium there are rules such as "show dont tell" on a show you could SHOW thier uncertainty as hesitation on Egwene's face, in Perrin's movment and many other ways instead of having them ask each other stupid questions with obvious answers).

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