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The Wheel Turns: Board Game Geeks!


Hello, friends! The Wheel has turned all the way around to Thursday again, which means two things: the weekend is not too far away, and it's time for our Rotating Features blog!


You may or may not be aware that one of my major hobbies is board gaming. I believe I have previously written articles on a couple of my favorite board games.  I would like to interject here and say that there is an excellent website where you can get information on a huge variety of games, including detailed ratings which tell you how the game plays so that you can decide if it likely something you would enjoy before you buy! It is called Board Game Geek.


Let me reiterate that when I speak of board games, I don’t mean Monopoly and the like. No, no, no. The beauty of real board gaming is that there is a whole world of games out there, different types of game, be they deep strategy or hilariously fun. And many of them have a variety of themes, settings or inspiration.


I would like to suggest a few games for you to look into. There is an excellent board game based on A Game of Thrones, of the same name. It is based on a system you may recognize--if you are into older strategy games--called Diplomacy. What is great about it is that it is a strategy game which does not involve dice! So it is almost totally down to you how you fare in-game. It also does a really excellent job of capturing the feel of George R R Martin’s epic series of political intrigue and the character of the world of Westeros. It is produced by a company called Fantasy Flight Games who are an excellent producer of board games--in fact, they are my favorite and are hugely popular. I have never bought a game by them which I did not thoroughly enjoy. Here is a link to the Board Game Geek page for this game.




There is also a Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game (CCG) produced by a company called Precedence Publishing. I don’t particularly have experience with their games and am not a fan of CCG’s (not that they are bad; they are hugely popular) so I can’t vouch for it but considering this is a Wheel of Time fan site I thought it best to include it here! Here’s the Board Game Geek page.




If you like gaming, why not try one of these out? I’ll bring other games to your attention in the future. If you haven’t really tried these kinds of board games before, why not give one a go? What do you have to lose?!


That's all for now! Have fun!


Until next time, friends!

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Some years ago, I was writing the rules for a WOT based board game but finally I left in a drawer. It was similar to Conquest, with a board divided on hexagons. I wrote the rules to five armies, although initially they were six.

Maybe someday, some provider develops it or I become famous, haha.

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All right, I want both of those games. I don't even like board or card games, but I want them anyway.

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I enjoy board games and would like to get into games besides the basic ones. Thank you for the link!!!

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So you say it is similar to Diplomacy?? Well then, I may have to take another look at this one... I have not spoken to anyone who's actually played AGOT, I guess I just never asked about it out of fear of being disappointed to find out that the game was a poor adaptation of the book. But I'm a huge fan of Diplomacy; spent many college nights playing that and Axis and Allies Pacific with my roommates.


Thanks for the info!

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