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  1. Hummmm, I might actually get this blademaster shirt. I feel it's the best looking one so far! Except the Rand one by Seamus... I sure would like to see a shirt with all three Ta'veren though...
  2. Thinking about starting my first full reread of the series. I haven't done that since Knife of Dreams came out. My last attempt was before TGS was released, but I had to cut it short due to college finals. Let's see if can start the reread before the end of the year!

  3. Yay! Maps, maps and more maps! ... I hope there are new maps involved. I don't know if I made it clear that I look forward to the maps. ;)
  4. So you say it is similar to Diplomacy?? Well then, I may have to take another look at this one... I have not spoken to anyone who's actually played AGOT, I guess I just never asked about it out of fear of being disappointed to find out that the game was a poor adaptation of the book. But I'm a huge fan of Diplomacy; spent many college nights playing that and Axis and Allies Pacific with my roommates. Thanks for the info!
  5. Awesome! Since I heard Brandon and Harriet talk about it on the AMOL book tour, I've been looking forward to this. The only complaint that I have is that this may be the last piece of Randland to add to my collection... Also, does anyone have any info on who is providing the artwork/illustrations?
  6. I really enjoyed Androl as a character and his interactions with Pevara were entertaining and "a breath of fresh air" so to speak. It was nice to see another Asha'man with a good heart, like Grady or Neald or Flinn. That being said, I feel his/Pevara's POV/arc could have been shortened a bit to maybe lengthen others. Maybe adding just a bit more to Perrin, who had the least stage time of the three boys, or Min or Moiraine who didn't seem there at all really, or Loial who barely appeared in the last three books. If you combine the Androl/Pevara POVs, they are more numerous than Perrin's, a ta'veren. I don't know. I could complain for the rest of the year; it doesn't change anything. But I don't feel like having a "late player" is necessarily a bad thing, it's just like having earlier character's never return to real importance, look at Hurin, Juilin and Uno. Their job is to fulfill a role. Sometimes for a writer, it's more exciting to create a new character rather than recycling old ones.
  7. I agree! Brandon was a pro at this and he was such an easy going person, super nice and love answering questions. I went back in line for personalization just to have an excuse to talk to him more. And my second question delt with Shara and Demandred, haha. It was a good talk. This was such a fun event! Thank you to the Memory Keepers, Jason, Brandon and Harriet! There is something about the fans of this series that just blows me away whenever I get to interact with them. Community is a fitting word. Nikon (Mat), thanks for the hard work with the posting and pictures. My girlfriend and I also drove three hours for the signing, so we know what you had to go through! Jason, you are such a bloody cool person! I had a great time chatting with you, as did my girlfriend.
  8. I went to Sacremento this past weekend for the signing in Citrus Heights. It was SO much fun! Finally met Brandon, Harriet and Jason!

  9. I did enjoy the majority of Perrin's presence in AMOL, however like many others, I felt borderline indifferent with the way the whole Lanfear/Perrin thing turned out. I mean it makes sense that, since Lanfear has always had her eyes on one of the three boys and upon Rand's final renouncement of her, that she would then pursue Mat or Perrin. But it was sooo sudden, and slightly awkward. Anyway, I did like the similarity of development in Perrin and Rand in that the both needed to learn to let go and accept things for what they were. Perrin could no longer hold back if he was to do what he was born to do. Rand could no longer try to hold up the weight of the world solely on his shoulders. Kinda cool parallel in there somewhere, even if I may suck at wording it.
  10. Finished it yesterday, having made myself read slowly because I didn't want to just breeze through it to the end. I am glad I chose that. The Last Battle chapter was freaking intense and that alone left me satisfied just because it was a blast to read. The Epilogue at first disturbed me a bit, as I'd rather have just a straight death for Rand, but after letting it soak in... it works as Rand no longer has to deal with living 'duty is heavier than a mountain' and actually has the opportunity to live freely now. I've heard that RJ wrote the Epilogue himself and I was both warmed and saddened by the ending that was an ending, and also, a goodbye. For all of the 11 wonderful years being a part of my life, Thanks RJ & Team Jordan. Ps... LAN!
  11. The series has influenced much of my life ranging from song and poetry inspiration to growing a beard because of Perrin to basing every RPG avatar of mine on Perrin, Rand or Lan. I have devoted countless hours to rereads because I simply miss the characters (ok, I also reread so many times because there are sooo many important details to forget between books). This story has been something I have grown up with through high school and college, helping me to discover who I am along the way.
  12. My girlfriend and I just planned our weekend in Sacramento for the book signing in February.... Light willing I'll get the final three books signed by Sanderson.

  13. Me being the sort of person who roots for good no matter what, I'd obviously want all of the main characters to survive because each time I reread the series I find myself loving them in a different and more substantial way. However, the only outcome that would seriously mar the series for me would be if Perrin and/or Faile were to perish in the Last Battle. I just love those two. Perrin has long been my favorite, since his appearance in TEOTW. And I can't stand Perrin and Faile being separated I would also like to think that a resurrection of Manetheren could be possible.
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