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Podcast: #111 – The 4th Age Podcast – Towers of Midnight Read-through – Ch. 8-12


This is the 111th episode of The 4th Age Podcast, in which we continue our read-through of Towers of Midnight with Chapters 8-12. Your hosts for this episode are Andrew, Virginia, and Spencer.

Chapter 8 – The Seven-Striped Lass
Chapter 9 – Blood in the Air
Chapter 10 – After the Taint
Chapter 11 – An Unexpected Letter
Chapter 12 – An Empty Ink Bottle

Warning: SPOILER ALERT! (This episode, like most of our talks, is chock full of spoilers if you haven’t read Towers of Midnight yet!)

Be sure to check out Dragonmount.com for forums, comments, and all the latest news in the Wheel of Time world.

ATTENTION! THERE ARE NOTHING BUT TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS in this podcast! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all the previous books! There may be spoilers of other book series, TV series, and movies as well, too, or anything ELSE we can think of in the known and unknown universe. We will try to give warning. We can make no guarantees, however.

Hosts: Andrew, Virginia, and Spencer.
Editor for this episode: Richard F.

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Notes and Addendum: Contact us about the podcast anytime at podcast@dragonmount.com. If you don’t hear from one of us in a day or two, please try again. Normally one or more of us will respond immediately, but if the RW is being difficult, sometimes we do miss things.
A HUGE thanks to all our editors, past and present, from all of us here at Dragonmount! We couldn’t make this happen without your help and technical expertise. We are usually in need of editing help, so please, contact Andrew or Virginia at podcast@dragonmount.com if you are interested in volunteering.
We aren’t formally holding auditions for podcast co-hosts at this time, but if you are really up on the Wheel of Time and related trivia (or if you just plain know more than we do, LOL), and you love to geek out discussing it, send us an email and a sample mp3 and we’ll give it a listen. In anticipation of future needs, we would like to be prepared, so meet us on the virtual Field of Merrilor and we’ll see what transpires!
Music by: Josh Needleman. His website is at www.joshneedleman.net and he has the music available to hear on his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/joshneedleman. Its title is Floodgate. Thanks, Josh!


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They often have big gaps between turning episodes in. They are still around, though, and should hopefully have something for us in the near future.

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Hey all-


The recent re-re-re-reboot of the Dragonmount systems has played wonky with our ability to upload, which was then further messed with by the attack on the DM server.  Having spoke with Spencer our Editor in Chief, and Virginia our Producer recently I can say we will be scrabbling to get as much content uploaded prior to the release party for A Memory of Light.  In addition, we hope to have some very special news concerning the release party soon, that we hope will help pull our bacon out of the fire once again with everyone who has been patiently waiting on us these many long years.


For myself, Andrew Gelos, and everyone here at The 4th Age: Suravye ninto manshima taishite.

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