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  1. We are a pathetic lot always yearning for anything new to be released to chicken to really get spoilered. Waiting for our fix
  2. Thank you all. I have had a lot of time well wasted over the past 13 years. Always lurking.
  3. CoT took me a month to read. I was so angry and mad at how much it sucked.My wife was wondering when she would get a chance.She is a speed reader it took her two weeks
  4. What would happen to some one born with the spark that grew up and never left Far Madden. Would it still manifest late in life. Would they still get the sickness early and die from never touching it.
  5. Yes, the same is true for women. Off the top of my head, Moiraine uses that fact in New Spring (the novel, although the Legends short story contain a reference to that fact as well). I don't know if you've read it already (although I wholeheartedly recommend that you do), so I won't specify how and when.
  6. The majority of the legion of the dragon are probably dark friends. The shadow will break the world. The darks armies will destroy almost every city including Tarvalon.
  7. What about the legion of the dragon. We know the black tower is full of df. The legion is made ip of the recruits that can't channel. What if they are mostly dark friends.
  8. The Tower is whole and stronger than ever. Elaida's vision is complete. I still think Egwene will die. I will go one step further to say the actual White Tower will be destroyed by the shadow. Its a new age and that relic of the past has no place. There will be no more worthless ajahs. Egwene will die and I will miss her.
  9. You don't have to hate a charecter to think they will die. I love Egwene and She will make the final sacrifice to save all she believes in. She will be a Legand and will burn out not fade away.
  10. I have never hated Egwene. I love reading about her being awesome. The women being so powerfull and cool is something that surprised me when I started reading these books fifeteen years ago. It hurts and makes me sad but Egwene will be dead by the end of the next book. That is why I stated this thread. I don't like that she will die but she will.
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