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  1. @Big_Boppa: I just wanted to let you know that in addition to Jhirrad's offer to ask your question if you feel disinclined to do so for public speaking reason, at least two members of The 4th Age podcast will be attending the midnight release event in Provo. We are planning on doing a live broadcast from the release party as part of a restructuring of the show. If you would like, you can email us at podcast@dragonmount.com, and I will make sure that it is my first question to Brandon, Harriett, or whatever member of Team Jordan you like. @everyone else reading this: As I just stated, some members of The 4th Age are going to be on hand at multiple signing venues. If you have questions you would like asked, email us at the above address with your question and what name you would like the question asked under (Such as Jim from Minneapolis, or if you are a bit more eccentric Jymm al'Miniapol). We will do our best to make certain we get in as many of these questions as we can in the time we are allowed. All I ask in making this offer on behalf of The 4th Age is that we keep all questions civil and family friendly. We will be posting soon with more details on the January 8th live show; and I certainly look forward to meeting as many fellow fans as I can in the next few weeks. Until then, on behalf of myself and everyone at The 4th Age: Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  2. Hello all- @Sara V: I think the reason Mat is usually depicted in a green coat is in the text itself. I for a long time have tried to find it again, but I vaguely recall a section of one book, where it talks about Mat wearing a nice, longer green coat with a high Andoran collar. Seeing that it is one of the few times you see his clothing mentioned that is how he gets depicted. I'm pretty sure if it did happen (and my memory isn't playing tricks on me again) the reference comes before Mat and Queen Tylin become involved, because I kept wondering to myself how the high Andoran collar worked with all the lace she kept him in. Personally I've always seen the chest of the coat in my mind looking something like this: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/LargeImage.aspx?image=/lotfinderimages/D53366/a_group_of_household_and_civil_service_dress_uniforms_including_a_lord_d5336674h.jpg with the overall length being something like a gentleman's 19th Century tailcoat in this style: http://www.milanoo.com/Handsome-Dark-Green-Jazz-Cloth-Double-breasted-Mens-Tailcoat-p67423.html But that is just me. Incidentally, if anyone knows of the lines of text I almost remember and can point it out, let me know. Suravye ninto manshima taishite,
  3. Hey all- The recent re-re-re-reboot of the Dragonmount systems has played wonky with our ability to upload, which was then further messed with by the attack on the DM server. Having spoke with Spencer our Editor in Chief, and Virginia our Producer recently I can say we will be scrabbling to get as much content uploaded prior to the release party for A Memory of Light. In addition, we hope to have some very special news concerning the release party soon, that we hope will help pull our bacon out of the fire once again with everyone who has been patiently waiting on us these many long years. For myself, Andrew Gelos, and everyone here at The 4th Age: Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  4. Hey all - During our recording session last week, Virginia mentioned that we have been having problems with our FTP. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but we're hoping to have it corrected soon. Also, we're looking for editing help again. A number of our editors of late have been students, and at some point one's academic schedule must take priority. So, if you'd like to help out with editing, shoot us an email at podcast@dragonmount.com. Thanks.
  5. Also don't we know that the well worked in Far Madding even with the wards? So it should work with a shield as well. She doesn't have to tap into the source herself just make use of what is allready there. always made me curious, could someone severed use a well. THERE IS A POSSIBLE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILER LATER IN THIS POST. I think we've discussed this on one of the podcasts before, and if memory serves one of us dredged up a quote from Mr. Jordan or Team Jordan that indicated that someone severed could not use a well. The reason for this was that the severed person no longer has the potential ability to use the source, while someone shielded could still potentially use the power. The shielded person suffers from a block to their "channeling mechanism," where as the severed individual has had the "channeling mechanism" terminally damaged. This is implied in the scene in ToM where Setalle Anan asks Mat if she can examine his foxhead medallion. All that said, I may be misremembering, and if I am, please disregard this argument.
  6. I agree. And we learned that AS of the old generation, like Moiraine, don't actually know too many useful batttle weaves, even the Green ones... they always do the same boring things. It is notable however that Moiraine is aware of balefire and uses it as early as The Dragon Reborn. Clearly she is above par in combat with the One Power than her contemporaries. We should also consider that while she may be out of touch with events since her incarceration, we don't know what knowledge and boons were granted to Moiraine by the Finns. I think this fight would be closer than most imagine if it were ever to occur; which would only happen if one of the two truly believed the other to be a threat to Rand. Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  7. Hey everyone- In truth, I hadn't intended the whole episode to sound like a sports announcer show. I was originally going to run with the intro being a bit of a joke to lead us into the cage match discussion. But when Spencer picked up the auditory ball, we just decided to run with it. Hopefully you'll get a chuckle from it. If not, hopefully you'll consider it no harm, no foul (pun intended). As I mentioned on the podcast page, I think the spoiler Spencer inserted about Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series was edited out, but if it is still in there, Spencer does give a few seconds warning before he drops it, and it really isn't discussed, so if you haven't read the through Hero of Ages, when he says "I'm going to spoil Mistborn a bit," tune out for about 45 seconds or so, or wait to listen until you're finished reading that third book. Suravye ninto manshima taishite, Andrew Gelos
  8. Hello all- Wow, I'm surprised that this topic that has sparked my ongoing argument with Virginia is still feeding public debate. Before this goes much further, I figured I would come on and clarify my own line of thought in this argument. Basically where Virgina and I disagree is the effect balefire has on the pattern itself. In my thinking, once a thread is burned from the pattern it remains burned out until the next weaving. The reason balefire is dangerous isn't because it undoes previous actions, but because each use of it removes threads from the pattern. If person A is balefired by person B, in my mind the act of balefiring person B will not restore thread A, but will cause an amount of unraveling because the balefire that burned thread A out no longer exists. Therefore, thread A is still gone, as is thread B, but the reason behind A's disappearance from the patter is now missing. The destabilizing effect and resulting balescreams come because there is no counter-weave to balefire (i.e. a weave that will re-string a burnt out thread). For me, the fact that the second balefire blast elminates the original balefirer doesn't restore the original thread because it is already burnt itself. Another way to think about it is that each thread in the pattern begins as a gray thread. This thread gains color when a person is born, and returns to being gray when the person dies. The thread continues to exist regardless of the state of living that its bearer possesses. When a person is killed untimely their thread goes gray, but the pattern retains cohesion because the thread still exists. When the thread that caused another thread to prematurely go gray is struck with balefire it is removed from the pattern entirely. If it is removed sufficiently far back, the grayed thread will gain the color it was originally denied by the burnt thread. Though the originally grayed thread now has color, the binding thread that held it partially in place is gone, and it is somewhat looser in the pattern. The thread that was removed from the pattern doesn't go gray, and doesn't continue in the pattern; so even if the thread responsible for removing it is itself removed, there is no restoring the original binding thread, and as a result, colors begin to leak into parts of the pattern that were supposed to be grayed and with binding threads going missing the cohesion of the whole pattern begins to weaken. I sort of wish I had some type of technology with which I could illustrate this concept. Maybe I'll go play around with photoshop or paint. Anyway, I hope this clears up my standing on the situation. For me it has never been about two people simultaneously balefiring each other, but rather the cumulative effects of multiple balefire use on the pattern as a whole. Suravye ninto manshima taishite, Andrew Gelos
  9. Quick edit for my last post. The last line before the sign out should read "More is on the way, including a summation..." Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  10. Hey all- Don't take my word on it, but I think there was a tiny Mistborn spoiler. It may have been removed in editing, and I haven't gone back and listened to the show yet, so I can't say either way. If it was in there, it was sort of a significant one from Hero of Ages, fairly late in the book, so I'd not chance it unless you've read all three Mistborn books, or you don't care about spoilers. Additionally your third option is to wait 45 seconds to a minute and resume the show since, if I remember properly, we don't discuss that spoiler for very long (I think 45 seconds is probably very generous). More is one the way, including a summation of the semi-finals and a talk up of the finals and consolations match. Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  11. My favorite scene probably has to be in Chapter 31 "What the Aelfinn Said." Mat's escape from the damane holding pens, and subsequent abduction/proposal is both drastically humorous and richly suspenseful. Action, humor, and romance, what more could you want? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  12. Hello All- As many of you may remember from the forums, I had put gathered many individuals who never received the final copies of the original comic run, and was in contact with Dabel on their behalf, as well as my own. The problem with providing proof of purchase is the length of time that has elapsed since the initial purpose. When the series first came out, my wife (then my girlfriend) purchased the series for me as a birthday gift using her college email account as the mode of communication. That account, along with the electronic receipt was reabsorbed into the ether more than 3 years ago. Many I've spoken with share this sort of problem, where the length of delay has exceeded the reasonable time for storage of purchase documentation. I have tried in numerous email to convey the frustration and dissatisfaction of the customers to those producing the product. In all of my communications I have been nothing but polite and straight forward with the individuals I've contacted. Those of you I've spoken with will know that the results have been less than satisfactory. In August of last year I received the first response from Dabel: Hi Andrew how are you doing. As of right now I have envelopes pre-stamped and labeled. We are just waiting on our copies from Dynamite and once we receive them we can send them out. I hope to have an update within the next couple days. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience. Les D. A month later, after having received neither comics nor word of their shipping, I wrote another email asking for an update. My response this time was as follows: Hi Andrew. The box of books was just received last week so they will start going out this week. Thanks. Les D. Two weeks later, after again having received neither my product nor word of shipping, I wrote again asking for an update. To this date I have yet to receive a response. When I was fortunate enough to have a Q&A session with Brandon and Harriet for the Cincinnati release of Towers of Midnight I asked Harriet if anything could be done to influence the Dabels to produce our products or compensate us in some way. When Harriet heard my question her face grew (from my point of view) quite serious and she told me that they have people working on it. I've emailed everyone who has contacted me with this information, and figured that it should be shared with the greater fan community as well. I'm not certain if a resolution is anywhere within sight, but there is some hope. At this point I am kicking myself for not purchasing issue 7 when I saw it in a comic shop. I thought at the time "surely if the comic store has it, then my copy won't be far behind." I guess that is just another example of why I should never tempt fate. Personally I could care less about a refund. Even with shipping it will come to less than $10. But I am a collector who can't stand when I can't complete a set, and buying the graphic novel would only slightly mitigate my sense of irritation that my wife's gift has yet to be fully realized. I guess I'll just continue to wait and find out. I hope some of this rant was informational, and apologize if it came across as so much complaining. Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  13. It was an awesome time, and I look forward to the release for AMoL! The live-podcast for the signing is in editing and will make an appearance in a future episode of The 4th Age, so keep your ears open. Suravye ninto manshima taishite,
  14. Hello again all- This is just a note to let you know that the final episode of our The Gathering Storm recap episodes was recorded yesterday (Oct. 15th) and has gone to editing. When the edits are done, Spencer will post them in the forum as he has recently with the others. The upshot of this is that unless something catastrophic happens between now and then, you will have the recap episodes prior to the release of Towers of Midnight(frantically finds a piece of wood to knock on). The downside of this is that you will receive all 13 recap episodes (no that wasn't planned; it just fell out that way) at once, giving you plenty to listen to, but not spaced out as we may have hoped. Also, as near as I can figure out from talk during the recording sessions, we are edging closer to solving the podcast page problem, and hopefully will have the archive up again in good order. Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
  15. Hey again guys- On October 15th we completed the last of The Gathering Storm recap episodes. They are going into edit now, and Spencer will post them as he as the most recent releases within the 4th Age forum as a link to an outside source. You will be getting them all in one solid chunk of 13 episodes (no that wasn't planned, it just fell out that way), and we hope you guys enjoy them. From what I understand we are closing in on fixing the podcasting issues here at DM, so hopefully that option will be available in the near future as well. Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
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