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    Wheel of Time! I just finished Towers of Midnight and it was awesome!!! I can't wait for A Memory of Light!
  1. Just finished A Memory of Light yesterday. Sad that its over but it was an amazing book. I can't wait to do a re read!!!!!

  2. I just finished it!!!!! It was amazing and I can't believe it's over. Sucks that some of the characters had to die but that's the nature of the beast. I really liked the ending. All in all it was awesome as was the last 13 books and A New Spring. Well done RJ and well done BS!
  3. One more day!!!!!!

  4. Why can't it just be the 8th already??

  5. Browns steelers game!!! Gonna be cold there!! Can't wait

  6. Wish it was jan 8th right now! I took the day off work !!!!

  7. Going to preorder A Memory of Light. Today!!!

  8. New on DM just sayin hello! Looking forward to posting
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