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Gleeman's Tales: Advertisements

Meghan Rayburn

Over the past few years, I've created "Wheel of Time Advertisements" based on the characteristics of the different peoples in the series. I thought I would share a few of those with you today. You can see more that aren't in this post here.


Let's start with Andor. I recently saw a post by csi-middle-earth which pointed out that Andorans seem to follow anyone who is good looking.


Based on the descriptions of Morgase, Elayne, Galad, Gawyn and Gaebril/Rhavin, I’ve come to the conclusion that Andorans will follow any good looking person who happens to take charge of a situation.


"They don’t really have the experience we’d look for in a ruler…"

"True, but have you seen them? I’d tap that.”

"Your point is well taken. I’ll fetch the crown."


Yep. Sounds about right. It could be a tagline for the city of Caemlyn, no? (Oh look at me, I do be sounding like an Illianer, no?)




Artwork by Joe Trimarchi, I just put some words over it.


I think the Whitecloaks are masters of propaganda (just like the Seanchan). In modern times, they would make some horribly ugly public service announcements. Help the war effort in the fight against Darkfriends! Buy bonds! I mean...



(Apologies for the typos)


In Ebou Dar, any self-respecting woman wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything less than a premium "Jarid" marriage knife. If your man tries to buy you some off-brand piece of junk, just stab him with it.




Finally there's the Tinkers, who in terms of advertising, I could see as a sort of equivalent to a church. They're a peaceful bunch who just want to get the word out, maybe in the form of a roadside billboard.




Is the advertising working? Do you feel brainwashed? I know, I'm a marketing genius.


Thanks for dropping by! The Light illumine you and have a nice week!

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Mashiara Sedai


My favorite was the marriage knife ad. "He didn't displease me" had me laughing so hard!

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