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  1. Today's humor comes from a thread started by failemyfalcon that grew into something beautiful. It all started with: And from that, folks started adding their own puns on Lews Therin's name. This month will be devoted to name puns for characters throughout the series. Today is just for Lews Therin...next time there will be much more! Lews Therin drinks at a party Booze Therin Lews Therin in a French courtroom J’accuse Therin Lews Therin gets mildly injured Bruise Therin Lews Therin grows antlers Moose Therin Lews Therin gettin jiggy wit it Loos
  2. For our special holiday edition of Gleeman's Tales, I bring to you a delightfully morbid rendition of Winter Wonderland, written by Semirhage and Ishamael: Happy Holidays everyone! The Light illumine you!
  3. Today's funny feature is brought to you by the blog incorrect-wot-quotes, which combines quotes from various media and applies it to corresponding events or characters in the Wheel of Time. First, a couple Game of Thrones crossovers: For anyone who is a fan of the NBC show Parks and Recreation: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Of course, some Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit: And a few random ones that I just had to include: That's all for now! Again, all of these quotes are from the blog incorrect-wot-quote. I hope
  4. In the style of What Should We Call Me, matrim-notabloodylord-cauthon has brought us gif reactions of characters from the series. Everything below is verbatim from matrim-notabloodylord-cathon's blog. Here's Asmodean every day after he gets captured: Here's Nynaeve dealing with just about any problem ever: Here's Talmanes listening to Mat ranting: Here's Siuan searching for Black Ajah: Here's Ishamael listening to people talk about how awesome Lews Therin is: And that is certainly not all of them, I have only featured a few of the most popular o
  5. You may have seen Dragonmount tweet this video back a few weeks ago, but if you didn't I feel the need to make sure as many people see it as possible. Somehow, this music video perfectly captures the experience of an obsessed fan, talking and thinking about nothing but Without further adieu, the full video: While we're on the topic of videos, I don't know if any you enjoy the art of YouTube Poop (yes, it's a real thing), but someone made one using the audio book of The Great Hunt. Prepare for a bizarre experience! Finally, I wanted to share a gif-set that I made from
  6. After the #justwheeloftimethings post last time, I couldn't help but read off the list as if I were singing the song "Royals" by Lorde, so I decided to write some lyrics! For your enjoyment, a parody song entitled "Wheel of Time Things." Verse 1: I’ve never seen Randland in the flesh Cut my teeth on 14 books (but still no movie) The wheel of time turns And ages come and pass, leaving memories… Pre-chorus: The Wheel of Time is like Smooth skirts, Darkfriends, chasing the Forsaken Aes Sedai, braid tugging, blank expressions Egwene don’t care; she’ll spy on you in your dreams A
  7. In the spirit of #justlittlethings and #justgirlythings, I present to you #justwheeloftimethings, an ever-growing list of things that are distinctly Wheel of Time. Feel free to add your own in the comments! The following list comes, respectively, from knifeeared, livia-sedai, mats-bloody-hat, gandalf-sedai, vikrattlehead, morichele, and shootdoctorallen. -telling no one your problems -talking to wolves -hunting men that can channel -hearing voices in your head -going into Tel’aran’rhiod -balefiring things out of existence -channeling the power -talking to dead people
  8. This week I give you a modern alternate universe in which a few main characters go out for a night of singing, drinking, and merriment. In other words: karaoke night. knifeeared minnielikes (yup, that's me!) failemyfalcon knifeeared Which led to this incredible sketch by karaburrito (aka failemyfalcon): Sounds like a wild night! I want to party with Moiraine... That's it for this week. The Light illumine you!
  9. Ever wondered what the Forsaken would have been like in high school? This graphic was made by shorelle on DeviantArt (however, I think it has since been deleted). Please enjoy a hilarious reimagining of the Forsaken. I hope y'all don't mind that this post is a bit short today. I haven't been feeling well this week but wanted to still get some laughs in! The Light illumine you!
  10. I'm sure many of you have already seen or briefly glanced at the Wheel of Time Wiki's Drinking Game, but if not I thought I would share the glorious hilarity of it here. Since this has been around a while, I suppose this is kind of another Throwback post? Throwback Thursday (on a Wednesday) Part 2! First of all, the disclaimer: Sounds like something Nynaeve would say. Just that right there is enough to knock a person out in the first 20 pages! The wiki page goes on to mention events requiring two, three, and four drinks, but I won't list them all here. Hopefully you go
  11. A trend has popped up in the Tumblr community of "ask blogs," which are blogs where you can ask a question and you will get an answer in the character of whoever is being portrayed. There have been some great posts as a result of this, and I wanted to feature just a few. At the end, I'll include a master list of all the ask blogs I know of right now (but more are being added just about every day). First off, from askgraendal: There have also been some great posts from ask blogs of our favorite steeds: Mandarb and Bela. From askmandarb: And from belathehorse:
  12. Just like the title says, this week we're going back to the future to our fandom past. So many funny things have happened over the years, and I thought I'd bring back just a few. For instance, remember all those years spent not knowing who killed Asmodean? (I know some of you reading might still not know, so don't worry, I won't give it away). Our curiosity spurred some amazing theories, and also some hilarious ones. And of course, Some of my other favorites are "Alternate Universe" type images which were featured on this Fan Art Friday a couple years ago. First, an em
  13. We've seen Wheel of Time characters behave on Instagram, Snapchat, and even in email, but not yet Facebook (until today). I've been meaning to make something, but mehroones-dagon beat me to it (and did it better). The original version had some R-rated language, so (with the permission of the creator) I've done some editing to make the language more PG-13. Hopefully the spirit of the original still comes through. May you find water and shade this week, friends!
  14. These photos are a few years old, but they are still perhaps the greatest collection of Wheel of Time puns I have ever come across. Warning: if you are fasting for Ramadan you may not want to read this! Apologies. All are by maledictor. Apologies if that made you hungry! Hopefully you laughed, as well. The Light illumine you; have a nice week.
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