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Fan Art Friday: Rand al'Thor


This week. let's look at the central figure of the Wheel of Time series: Rand al'Thor.




Rand, from the beginning of the series. This is one of the early chapters of The Eye of the World, where he first sees the black rider. It's by James Beveridge, who once had a project to draw an illustration for each chapter of the series. He only got through the early chapters of the first book, but the art was incredible. You can see the whole project here.


I wanted to start with this one, because when you Google "Rand al'Thor", pretty much every single picture you see is of the PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS Rand. I wanted to see the farm boy from the Two Rivers Rand too.




See, this is what I'm talking about. Fire! Explosions! Shirtlessness! Still, I really like this picture by DeviantArt user Dmantz. There's a nice level of detail to it. He's got the wound that never heals, the Dragons on his forearms and everything is nicely textured. It's a good portrait.




Another shirtless Rand. This one by fan favorite Seamus Gallagher. The reason I comment so much on the shirtlessness is that I just don't recall Rand wandering around half naked all the time. But according to the fans, he's the Matthew McConaughey of ta'veren. I guess it's like Mat and his green coat, you get described that way once in this series and that becomes your default outfit.




Ah, good old Mark Bray. I knew I could count on you to draw some clothes. I also like the detail on his tattoos.


And because I've been awfully silly in this update, let's go for broke with this amazing video.



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ummm, that was weird - it posted without me being done.


Here's long been a favorite of mine: Katherine Catlin's "Rand al'Thor" depicting him young and naive, I think. (here's her elfwood page).


Indeed, I like to view that version in conjunction with Rich Boye's iconic) too me - "Rand as Dragon Reborn" which is for some reason not on his deviantart page, but is still available on Encyclopedia WOT. I like how they are both wearing red coats, but the second Rand now has him triked out with his insignia of power - the Laurel Crown and his Dragon Scepter. Those little details that I think Richard always did a great job on. It appears to be a little on the older side, I think - the anatomy is still a little crude.


And just because I am a huge dork, I am amused by this idea of the WoT Characters as comic book styled superheroes - with Rand as a Superman analog "Dragonlord"

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Forbis's 'early Rand' is one of my favorites too.


I came across this one in devianart.com recently looking for new pictures of him and yes it's another shirtless Rand. And before anyone yells 'Vampire Dude" I haven't seen the movies or read the books, so maybe my vision is less polluted, but from the pictures I've seen, I don't think so. Rand al' Thor in Progress

I don't like the hairstyle but the color is perfect and I like how you can get an idea what his mom might have looked like from his face, at least 5 people have commented on his similarities. Adding color to the eyes would help the picture a lot I think.

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