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Fan Art Friday: The Amyrlin Seat


Hallia here, taking over Fan Art Friday!  With a fresh start, we will be looking at one of the most important and trying occupations in existence: the Amyrlin Seat.  There have been many women in this role, with varying degrees of success.  Spoiler Alert; look at your own risk if you have not yet read A Memory of Light.


For our very first piece of art, we have nail art done in the fashion of what the Amyrlin represents: to be of all Ajahs and none.



Wheel of Time Nail Art - The Stole of the Amyrlin Seat and the Flame of Tar Valon ~ The Nailinator


There were several notable Amyrlins from the series that we as readers became familiar with.  The first being Siuan Sanche.



Flame of Tar Valon ~ fee-absinthe


I found this picture to be very interesting because of the medium used.  The small bits of color really are striking meshed in with the scroll-like background!  


And after Siuan, there was everyone's ~ahem~ favorite: Elaida.



Elaida Sedai ~ SicilianValkyrie


I find the look on Elaida's face in this piece to be so well done; it captures all the animosity she exuded in the books.  


Vying for power against Elaida was my own personal favorite character, Egwene.  I found her to be a great leader and very wise for her age.  Of all the art from this week, this is my favorite.  I find her here just how I picture in my own mind.



Flame of Tar Valon - Egwene Al'vere ~ endave


The final piece is one of Cadsuane.  She is the last known Amyrlin Seat, and is certainly experienced enough for the job.  I think this is shown particularly well in this piece, with her serene face not falling in the chaos around her.



Cadsuane ~ Jieroque


That's all for this week. Stay tuned for next month's edition of Fan Art Friday!

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Mashiara Sedai


I adore those nails!  I'd love to see some Ajah specific decorations/colors.

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Great article, Mashi!  And the art . . . wow!  I think Egwene is my favorite from the selected Amyrlins but all are really well done.

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Mashiara Sedai


Actually Dar, it was written by Hallia!  *lol*


I think Siuan looks the most like how I see her in my head.  Egwene's is very close too!

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